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Sea Whispers Oracle - Sea Urchin (reversed)

Sea Whispers Oracle Reading for the week ahead: Care

The Sea Whispers oracle card this week is the Sea Urchin(reversed) and it’s bringing a warning to tread with care. This week the sea urchin brings a warning to watch where you are stepping because you could end up with a nasty shock.  Make a wrong move and ouch! The keyword here is care. Don’t make any rash […]

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Have you fallen under the spell of spiritual seduction?

  A couple of decades ago, I went to my first and only car show. It was at the Birmingham NEC and I was quite excited. I’d been to exhibition shows before for work. I’d often pop into London to go to an IT show where all the next, best and brightest software innovations were revealed. […]

Life isn't a quest of domination but of balance

What’s an inner goddess and does everyone have one?

“So Lyn, tell me, what exactly is an inner goddess?” is the question I get asked all the time. Followed by: “Do men have an inner goddess too?” Although I haven’t read Fifty Shades of Grey, I understand that the protagonist also has an inner goddess.  I think E.L. James and I have very different […]

Sea Whispers Oracle Reading: Pelican reversed

Sea Whispers oracle reading for the week ahead: Individuality

The Sea Whispers oracle card this week is the Pelican (reversed) and it’s bringing a message of individuality. Pelican is a very social bird and it relies on its fellow pelicans to fish for food (they find schools of fish and collectively dive bomb them).  However, there is usually a leader who is at the top of […]

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