Lyn Thurman: Author, Coach & Inner Goddess Unleasher

Lyn ThurmanI’m Lyn Thurman and I’m here to help you liberate your inner goddess.

I write,  run workshops, hold sacred space, get creative, connect with spirit, interview ladies doing amazing things in the world, consult oracles, create, share stories, and look for the magic in everyday.


I’m in the middle of reading this [reading] and I just have to stop and tell you how good you are.  Thank you Lyn.  I am deeply deeply grateful for your wisdom and insight.

Traci M.


It’s brilliant! I took Lyn’s suggestions on EFT and I feel very calm. I’ve been so calm about the money situation since I really worked through it (with EFT) and focused and made some of those changes you suggested.

Dee H.