Lyn ThurmanI'm Lyn Thurman. I’m a writer, pagan ponderer, eclectic witch, soul path project maker, biz-witchery explorer, inner goddess un-leasher, AND happy you’re here.

You'll find me hanging out with my Soul Path Tribe, teaching at the Soul Path School, and word-weaving for the Soul Path Magazine. I'm starting an Inner Goddess Revolution too.

I play on Facebook most days. Join me there - I share my obsession of sky & sea photography and throw a daily Tarot card.

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Hot off the press!

Blood moon in a jar spell

On the full moon tomorrow (could be sooner for you so check your dates), there’s a lunar eclipse that will turn the moon red. Time and space (not in a Star Trek kind of way) are big factors when making magic, especially when the kids are on Easter break.  So you can do this whole […]

Quartz Crystal

How to make a fairy charm

Make this super easy fairy charm to attract fairies into your home. You have to be careful when you work with the fae – they are nature spirits found in many different forms around the world. They can be mischievous and tricky little creatures, and downright mean depending on their type and how you treat […]

The River Itchen at Winchester... there's just something about the river that makes me want to spend hours and hours staring into it

Authentically black and white

I had a slight panic yesterday. I lost my mobile phone. My phone is rarely used as a communication device as my only phone calls seem to be from one or more offspring wanting to find out what time dinner will be ready. My rusty old S2 Samsung phone is my go-everywhere camera and as […]


Help! I’ve grown something

Date: Spring equinox 2014 Background: Tabby and I set out on an adventure with a grow-your-own-tomato plant kit from the 99p store. Method: Stuck seeds in pot, watered and hoped for the best. Outlook: Not good. Previous attempts failed in epic proportions. Check-up: 10 days later and holy crap! We have a growth. I’ve never […]


That moment when you realise you’re socially awkward

I find myself in a difficult position. My heart has been leading me on my soul path and this spirit-led route puts me in a place of being accessible and visible.  It’s part of the journey but it doesn’t always make me feel very comfortable. It’s like being pulled in two directions sometimes. Spirit is […]


Make good choices (or how to apply a lesson learnt 27 years later)

I remember being fourteen, the same age as my son is now. I’d been called to see the deputy headmistress to talk about my options. I’d never been called to see any teacher before and I was nervous. I can’t recall the headmistress’s name but I can see her face clearly. She was mid-aged and […]

Insane Witch by Insane Focus @Flickr CC License

How to feel ‘witchy’ enough all the time

There are days, sometimes weeks, when I don’t feel completely connected to my spiritual path. I don’t feel witchy enough. I spend a huge amount of my time either writing or pondering on spiritual topics (aside: the Soul Path School is open this weekend if you’d like to learn with me), and connecting with other […]


Friday link-love round up

I have found a couple of new tarot decks to love this week as well as some good reads. Enjoy! 1. Spring This is post is a must-read to remember that change doesn’t happen over night and we’re all subject to divine timing. 2. Mood boosting colours and crystals Guest post by Bernard Charles on […]