Once in a blue moon bonanza

Last blue moon I made little charm bottles and designed a blue moon Goddess print (which made Her way around the world and even became the design for a nappy/diaper!).

Once in a blue moon, dreams come true

But for this blue moon on Friday, I have no such plans.

It’s sort of crept up on me between not feeling so good, my Sea Whispers Oracle arriving, making sea charms for the oracle bags, writing the Sea Whispers guide book, writing Chakratize You and the Inner Goddess workbook for August.

Sea Charms for the Sea Whispers Oracle

You get the picture. It’s been hectic.

But it didn’t feel right not doing anything to mark the blue moon.

So what about a crazy blue moon offer to kick start the next blue moon cycle?

Once in a blue moon bonanza

You can connect to the spirit of the sea and tap into your intuition through my Sea Whispers Oracle.

And give your body-mind-spirit a workout with my 7-week online chakra course.

What this really means is that the Sea Whisper’s Oracle is free.


The Sea Whispers OracleThe Sea Whispers oracle is a 48-card oracle deck designed by me to capture the spirit of the sea.

The gorgeous soft blue-green colours make you forget where you are and transport you to the ocean where you might find the wisdom of the pufferfish, whale, manatee or even the bikini!

Your deck will be part of my initial print run that I’m ordering on 1st August.  It will reach you during the latter part of August.

You can find out more about the Sea Whispers Oracle here.


Chakratize You - A seven-week online chakra courseChakratize You is an online chakra course beginning on 8th August.

We’ll explore the chakras and dig deep to find out how they can heal your body-mind-spirit.

Each week you’ll receive a chakra workbook in your inbox plus links to guided meditations and videos.

You can find out more about Chakratize You here.


The Sea Whispers Oracle will be sent to you during August. You should expect delivery towards the end of August.  Please be patient as I’m self publishing and I have to wait for the printers to send the decks to me before I can send it to you.

Chakratize You course begins on 8th August.  This is an online course and you will receive your first chakra pack from me via email on 8th August.

If your normal email address is different from your PayPal address, please let me know (email lyn@lynthurman.com).

If you’ve already ordered my Sea Whispers Oracle and would like to join the Chakratize You course too, drop me an email before 31 July and I’ll invoice you the difference.


UK orders please use this button to go securely to PayPal.

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£60 plus postage & packaging.

For orders outside of the UK, please use the button below to pay via PayPal.  The amount for international orders is in US dollars for your convenience.

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$99 USD plus postage & packaging

Tuesday free mini Sea Whispers oracle readings

** It’s over now.  I’ll do it again soon but I’ll give you more warning * *

I had a spontaneous moment and thought I’d some free Sea Whispers Oracle readings on Periscope.

Then technology failed.

But I still think it’s an excellent idea.

So tonight at 7pm UK time (2pm in New York and  11am in LA) I’m having  a live Google Hangout.

This is the live link (just in case the above video doesn’t work) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQXwXneSmEU

If you want a free mini Sea Whispers reading, leave me a comment here with with your name and question or if you don’t have a question just tell me you’d like a general.

I’ll do my best to get through as many questions as I can!

Sea blessings,

Lyn Thurman


Sea Whisper reading for the week ahead: Bikini

Sea Whisper Reading: Bikini

The Sea Whisper this week is Bikini and it washes in the reminder of relaxation.

We can all grab five-minutes here and there to grab a cup of tea and a good book.  We tell ourselves we’re relaxing but it’s not deep relaxation.  It’s not planned.  It’s a quick rest before the crazy-chaos of life calls us back.

Now, let’s think about the bikini (or swimsuit with sarong if you prefer to cover your wobbly bits).

You don’t usually decide to have a bikini day – bikinis are planned.  The relaxation usually associated with bikinis (and by that I mean going to the beach, not female body building) is top priority.  When bikinis come out, there is a chunk of time taken out of your calendar to enjoy yourself, unwind and relax.  And this is what your Sea Whisper is asking you to do this week.

Although I’m sure you’d love to take your bikini to an exotic beach, it’s not always possible but that doesn’t mean you ignore the message.  Schedule time to relax this week – a few minutes here and there isn’t going to cut it.  Take yourself away from your normal schedule and indulge in some r&r.  Go on – it will do you the world of good.

Lyn Thurman

Want your own Sea Whispers Oracle? Of course you do. Kippee! Head on over here to find out more about the Sea Whispers Oracle.


5 easy ways to connect with the spirit of the sea (even when you’re landlocked)

Follow me on Instagram or Facebook and you’ll see a steady supply of sea photos.  It wasn’t difficult to channel the spirit of the sea for inspiration for my Sea Whispers Oracle. I am by the sea as often as possible.

The sea is wild power, healing, hidden depths, mystery and life itself.

The spirit or Goddess of the sea is all that plus more.

When you’re only a 10-minute drive from the beach it’s easy to connect. Hearing the cries of the seagulls, feeling the sea breeze and breathing in the salt air puts you in a state of connection.

You feel the presence of the sea.

She tangles in your hair, she fills your lungs and if you venture to the water’s edge, she will baptise you.

But how can you connect with the sea if you are landlocked?

When you can’t get to the sea, you can call the spirit of the sea to you.

You can still benefit from a sea connection and the spirit of the sea will respond (she is good like that).

Create a sea altar

You can make your sacred space a place to connect with the spirit of the sea by placing a bowl of water with sea salt added on your altar. Add a sea photo and some ethically sourced shells to complete the feeling of sea-connection.

Listen to a shell

Do you remember holding up shells to your ear as a kid and being amazed that you could hear the waves? Yes? Well do that again!

Find a largish sea shell (again, make sure it is from an ethical source) and spend a few minutes listening to the sea whispers.

Drink water with intention

Water is in a constant flow.

The water in the ocean was once a drop of rain or tumbling down a stream from a mountain top or gushing out of your kitchen tap.  You can’t drink sea water but you can enjoy a glass of water knowing that it has, at one point, been part of the ocean.

If you want to connect to the spirit of the sea, hold the intention that with every sip you take, you are closer to divine sea energy.

Take a sea salt bath

You can buy sea salt from the supermarket.

Run bath, throw a very generous handful of sea salt into the tub, lay back and relax.

Watch a YouTube!

There are crazy people like me who video the sea and they put it on YouTube.  A few minutes of watching waves lap on the shore with have you in an ocean frame of mind.

And finally, if you want to connect to the spirit of the sea through divination, check out my Sea Whispers Oracle.

Lyn Thurman


The Sea Whispers Oracle

The Sea Whispers Oracle is now available * happy dance *

“Mum, there’s a parcel at home for you,” my teenage son called me to say.

I felt my excitement rise.

“Is it from America?”

“No. Somewhere called Dutchland.”

And with that, my excitement crashed to the floor.

The only package I’ve been waiting for was coming from the US. I had no clue where Dutchland was, let alone who would be sending me something from there.

Well, it turns out my son can’t pronounce Deutschland (not that it mattered as he didn’t know it was Germany) and it was the package I wanted after all.

My Sea Whispers Oracle arrived.

And I am very happy indeed.

The Sea Whispers Oracle

The quality of the card stock is excellent and the colours are exactly as I designed them.

The Sea Whispers Oracle

There are 48 cards in the Oracle deck, all, as you’d expect, with a sea theme.  The cards come sealed in a navy blue organza bag with a handmade sea charm.  My daughter and I picked the shells from our local beach.

The Sea Whispers Oracle

I’m now taking orders until 1 August for an initial print run.

With each deck, you’ll find a top secret link to the Sea Whispers Oracle guide ebook for you to download or print.

I do ask you to be patient as I’m self-publishing this deck which means I don’t have a stock of cards at the ready.

Also, don’t fret that by self-publishing I mean printing on my little HP deskjet at home – the cards are professionally printed (they meet my high standards – I hate shoddy cards).

This is the process:

  • you order before 1st August,
  • on 1st August I put an order in with the printer,
  • they send them to me (takes about 10 days to arrive),
  • I put your sealed deck in a gorgeous navy organza bag with a little sea charm (sea shell has been hand picked by me and my daughter from my local beach in Hampshire, UK),
  • I send your Sea Whispers Oracle to you.
  • Expect to have your Sea Whispers Oracle in your hands by the end of August.



I know your going to fall in love a little with Sea Whispers (who can resist the call of the sea?).  And if you’d like to see them in action, I’m going to do live Periscope readings with them next week.

Lyn Thurman

P.S. Click here if you want to see images of all 48 Sea Whispers oracle cards!