Writer – Priestess of the Pen – Storyteller of Spirit – Inner Goddess Unleasher 

Lyn ThurmaI’m here to guide you to become the priestess of your pen.

I want to liberate your inner goddess so you write from your heart.

Step into my sacred space and let me show you how to enchant your readers with authentic & heartfelt words, spellbind subscribers and banish boring blog posts.

I can be your word-weaving writer for hire but what I love, really love, is digging deep into soul work so you can find your authentic voice.  Writing is magic and I can help you express what’s in your heart and soul in a way that makes you shine.

I love working with soulful solopreneurs, holistic mamas, wise women, magical mavens, spiritual sages, divining divas and, of course, YOU.

Word Crafting

Word CraftingWords are packed with magic mojo.  We need them to share our stories and connect.  They’re power and creation in 26-letters.

You’d think that in this digital age where data is delivered in a binary beat, there would be less need for word crafting and writing.

People text, phones are practically glued to ears, and snippets of information scroll in news feeds with dizzy speed.

But there’s a greater need for good writing.

Our fast paced world has left a heart-shaped hole and women are looking to fill it with connection.

Words can bridge worlds and I can help you do that.

Writing Coaching

Writing Coaching

Writing workshops and online courses aren't for everybody.  Investing in one-to-one writing coaching gives you dedicated and focused time with the coach so you can build your confidence one step at a time. Writing coaching is ideal for you if: You want support to help your writing grow, particularly for an online audience, and you’d...

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Online Writing Workshops

Online Writing Workshops

If you're looking to polish up your writing skills and let your words shine, I have online writing workshops that can do just that. I'm passionate about writing from life, blogging and writing for the web (especially from a small business angle) and I'd love to show you how you can feel more confident and...

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Word Alchemy: Freelance Writer for Hire

Word Alchemy: Freelance Writer for Hire

Freelance Writing Services Not everyone wants to write and not everyone has a flair for letting words flow.  You don't have to struggle - I'm a freelance writer for hire and happy to be your content creatrix. But small businesses and solopreneurs need to have good content: it's vital to being found in the digital age....

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Services of the spiritual kind
Inner Goddess Revolution
Join in with the Inner Goddess Revolution. We’re awakening our divine feminine from her slumber and rockin’ the world. Peacefully (but totally awesomely) of course.

Join the revolution

You don’t have to figure out this thing called life alone, you know.  If you need guidance or help getting unstuck, we can figure it out together.  I offer Intuitive Readings and EFT Tapping.

Let’s do this!

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