Lyn Thurman: Unlikely revolutionary

Lyn ThurmanI’m not your typical rebel rouser or revolutionary.

If given to vote, I’d probably win the ‘least likely to incite a riot’ category.

I’m hardly a punch-the-air, burn my bra rule breaker.

I’m more of a mid-life peace lovin’ vegetarian with a penchant for cake, an obsession with sky photography and an addiction to books.

Like I said, I’m not your typical rebel rouser.

I’m not interested in guns or coup d’états or nasty things humans do to each other.

But I am on a mission to bring about an awakening and to help women realise that the best revolutions are the ones that happen on the inside.

The non-violent uprisings where potential is realised; pushed-down dreams bubble to the surface; and life becomes less workhouse regime and more magically inspired.

Our weapons of choice are spiritual truth bombs, rapid-fire telling of our stories, and learning to break the code of this crazy-busy modern life.

Join the Inner Goddess Revolution with me, and together we’ll be the change.

Let’s make life magical!


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