Unveil Your Divine Message

Tarot & Oracle Deck Creation for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur with a powerful message to share with the world? Do you yearn to guide and inspire others on their personal jouneys, tapping into the ancient wisdom of divination and the Divine Feminine?

I help visionary women like you transform your divine inspiration into tangible tools of empowerment. I specialise in crafting custom tarot and oracle decks that not only captivate but also connect deeply with the hearts and souls of your clients.

How I can help you

  • Bespoke Deck Creation: Collaborate with me to bring your personalised deck to life, a powerful tool that resonates with your brand and audience.
  • Signature Decks: Explore my collection of independently published decks, each crafted to awaken intuition, honour the divine feminine, and connect you with ancient wisdom.
  • For Spiritual Entrepreneurs: I understand your mission. My decks are designed to showcase your offerings, expand your reach, and deepen your impact as you guide others on their spiritual path.

Why work with me?

  • Intuitive Design: I infuse each card with symbolism and artistry that speaks to the soul.
  • Spiritual Alignment: My decks honour the sacred wisdom of the divine feminine and the power of divination, creating a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms.
  • Empowerment: I believe in the strength and wisdom you hold within. Your deck will be a powerful tool for you and others to awaken intuition, ignite inner creativity, and radiate your authentic power into the world.

Meet Lyn Thurman

I’m a Priestess, Author, Tarot and Oracle deck creator, and creative guide for spiritual entrepreneurs. My journey into the world of Tarot and Oracle began many years ago, ignited by a deep fascination with intuition and divination.

Through my own spiritual practice, I discovered the impact that Tarot and Oracle decks can have on personal growth and transformation. I’m passionate about helping others connect with their intuition and express their wisdom through the creation of bespoke decks.

As an artist and intuitive guide, I work closely with spiritual entrepreneurs to craft decks that embody their vision, values, and unique brand identity. I believe that each deck is a sacred tool for self-discovery and empowerment, and I’m honoured to be a part of that creative process.

My bespoke card creation services include:

  • Concept Development: Collaborating with you to define the theme, message, and overall feel of your deck.
  • Artwork & Design: Creating original artwork or curating existing images for digital collage that align with your vision.
  • Card Writing: Crafting meaningful and insightful messages for each card.

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Latest Articles

“It’s mind blowing when you look up, rather than down, and realise just how tiny you are; just a little heart beating in a sliver of time from eternity.  And yet, you’re part of the Universe – made from vibrating cosmic energy just like those twinkling stars light-years away. You, me, and everything – all connected.”

from The Inner Goddess Revolution

My Signature Decks

Wisdom of the Depths Tarot

A beautiful and quirky sea-themed digital collage tarot deck. Now in its second and final printing.

Echoes Through Time Tarot

Vintage, classic art meets modern day meaning in this Kickstarter backed tarot deck.

Animal Spirits of the Sacred Isles Oracle

A bumper oracle deck, wide tarot card size with 80 cards, featuring animals from the British Isles.

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