Sea Whispers Oracle Guided Journey – The Anchor

This is a short (5 minute) guided journey to take you into the watery world of the Sea Whispers Oracle. Find the story and the message from The Anchor. Don’t listen to this guided visualisation if you’re driving or doing anything that takes your full attention. Make sure you’re somewhere safe! The Sea Whispers Oracle […]


Let us be resilient against the fear

Last week, I was woken by a frightened child’s voice.  “Can you close the fort now, please?” the child said.  I jumped out of bed, thinking it was Tabitha woken by a nightmare.  But she wasn’t there. No-one was there. A ghost, a past life?  I don’t know. I have dreams of World War II. […]


Sea Whispers oracle for the week ahead: Unpredictability

The Sea Whispers oracle card for this week is the Octopus reversed.  The message is unpredictability. You can’t prepare for the unexpected and unpredictability is unpredictable by nature.  So this week, accept that whatever happens is happening and be prepared for a wild ride. In this sea of unpredictability, make sure you don’t add extra to […]

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50 things that make me happy

I stumbled across a blog earlier today with a post of ’50 things that make me happy’ and I thought it was a wonderful idea.  And then I began to worry I couldn’t find 50-things. Well, I made it to 50 and it doesn’t even include 25% food stuffs.  Yay me! In no particular order….. Exploring ruins, […]