Sea Whispers Oracle - Responsibility

Sea Whispers for the week ahead: Responsibility

The Sea Whispers oracle card this week is Ship’s Wheel (undercurrent) and it brings with it a reminder of responsibility. The card for this week came up reversed (or the undercurrent) and the keyword is responsibility.  When you’re the one standing on the helm, taking control of the ship’s wheel, you are responsible for the vessel.  You […]


Why being a good intuitive or psychic reader will lose you clients

I went to a psychic fair on Saturday and took the opportunity to attend a mediumship demonstration by spirit-medium Jenny Docherty.  I’ve never seen Jenny before, in fact I’ve only ever seen a couple of mediums work. At the beginning of the demonstration, it was clear that Jenny has a very no-nonsense approach to the […]

Sea Whispers Oracle - Stingray

Sea Whispers for the week ahead: Manoeuvre

The Sea Whispers oracle card this week is Stingray and it elegantly glides past to remind us of manoeuvre. Although stingrays spend a lot of their time resting on the seabed under a light covering of sand, when they decide to move, they are graceful and elegant.  They move their ‘wings’ as if they’re flying the sea […]

Sea Whispers Oracle

Lessons and behind the scenes with the Sea Whispers Oracle

This isn’t my first rodeo with self publishing.  I’ve self published a few small books and previously I’ve used printers to publish 2 oracle decks but they’ve been for personal use. The Sea Whispers Oracle has been my first adventure into self publishing an oracle deck intended for public consumption. It’s been quite a journey. […]

Sea Whispers Oracle: Puffin & Commitment

Sea Whispers for the week ahead: Commitment

The Sea Whisper this week is Puffin and she flies past with a reminder of commitment. Puffin is an interesting bird.  It lives only in the northern hemisphere (earning it the title of penguin of the north), it develops long-term relationships and it goes the extra mile where its pufflings are concerned.   Puffin definitely isn’t a commitment-phobe. This […]