Audio and Ending Relationships

For the past month or so I’ve been making time each morning to listen to a motivational mp3 or CD.

Twice a week we listen to Healing With The Masters which is a free podcast until sometime in December.  I’ve enjoyed most of these interviews thus far – it’s well worth checking it out if it’s your kind of thing!

The other 5 days we’ve been following a Tony Robbins audio program (Personal Power).  This has been such a great investment in my time as I’ve learned so much.   I’m familiar with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) but haven’t got very excited about it.  Paul did a course and he always shares what he’s learnt with me (usually when I’m trying to read or go to sleep etc.) – must admit it didn’t capture my attention too much.

Anyway, this audio course is brilliant.  We’ve just listened to Tony’s advice and views on relationships where he talks about his fantastic relationship with his wife Becky.  The course was recorded some years ago when they were still married (Mr. Robbins is now married to a woman called Sage who was previously known as Bonnie!!) – he talks with so much passion for his former wife you can’t help but wonder where it all went wrong.  And how good his advice actually is when he didn’t remain with the same woman.

And all this on the day I learn Doreen Virtue was divorced by her husband, Steven Farmer.  I’m quite a fan of Doreen and I really enjoyed reading about her life & travels with her now ex.  Although there were a few accounts which made me wonder if he was really as ‘shaman’ as he claimed – and now as he took her to court and gets $35,000 per month alimony I’m pretty sure he’s not walking the same spiritual path as a lot of folk.

All very sad.  But it’s made me feel thankful for my own marriage and the connection I have to Paul.  You never know how long relationships will last so make every second count :-)

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  1. As in all true wisdoms, I have only blessings for Doreen in this uncomfortable public situation, however speaking spiritually and therapeutically, it was always in poor and unkind questionable ethics the manner in which she dissed or spoke ill at great length of her ex's in her books, seeming trite, petty and unkind.

    Particularly from her childrens healthy perspectice, what did they feel internally when she published such lurid accounts of her husband, their fathers cruelty to her, her next husbands cursing at the printer, and various other jabs in karmic and ethical poor taste. Angelic wisdom would deem that the humiliation and public embarrasment to these men in thousands of internationally published books reaped little of true benefite to anyone. None of their deeds were worthy of such mass publication in front of their own friends and famiies and many 'new age' strangers. Keeping a gracious and private respect for ones ex's handing it over to God without seeking others aggreement in their 'lowness' is superior, I feel. Regardless, may only goodness come to Doreen in clarification of anything that was not up to par. God Bless.

  2. Lyn, I just came across this old post of yours which I hadn't seen before. I've been trying for a while to learn about what really happened between Doreen Virtue and Farmer, with very little success. Could you give more detailed information? Did *he* really divorce her…and did she really/is she still paying him alimony (much less the sort of amount you mention!!)? Hope this post still connects to your present site. Thanks, Charla

  3. I just learned that Doreen and Steven divorced – felt disheartened by the news!

    Strange thing – quite some time ago I had a dream about them having problems.

    I also have not had any success finding more details on what happened.

    It appears that Steven was involved with Jessica (think this is name of his wife).

    Does anyone know how Doreen is and if she has another love?

    • I don't keep up with much "news" of any kind. Literally. My mom has to tell me when the hurricanes are coming. ;) I've all but quit watching TV many years ago, and I've never been drawn to "celebrity gossip" or whatever. I have enough … um, excitement … to deal with in my own life.

      I said all that to say this … I've been a fan of Doreen's work for years and have some of Steven's things as well – which I learned of him from one of her workshops. Somehow in my random spiritual internet search tonight I saw a link/blurb about Doreen and Steven getting divorced. I was stunned. Not because that is good or bad – more that I get the sense neither of them married each other lightly. And therefore, I assume that whatever the reason(s) for divorce weren't taken lightly either. I respect each of them for being in service to others as they feel guided.

      Sooo … after an exhaustive search to see if I just saw a scam link or if there was any validity in what I read, which produced a few "skeptic" or "fraud alert" sights but nothing of substance, I went to Steven's website. He has a couple of blogs about the separation/divorce and many about his relationship with, and marriage to, Jessica. Here is a link to the blog that directly addresses the divorce – and you can navigate his other blogs easier with the sitemap at the bottom (he has LOTS of blogs and long site pages, so the sitemap lets you see a list of the articles you may be interested in without having to tediously wade/scroll through all his thoughts).

      Hope this is helpful in pointing you to more information. I didn't find anything about the alimony or divorce details, but then I didn't search for them either. I just wanted to confirm one way or another that this divorce is a fact – which it appears to be (sometime in 2009?).

      Mitakuye Oyasin

  4. Did you ever notice that neither one of them, have a Wikipedia page? I find this odd, considering the high profile lives they live. Just sayin'…

  5. Hi this is so randomly a few yrs late, – but I was listening to Doreen Virtue's radio show today and she mentioned her ex, which lead me to looking up a Steven Farmer books on amazon (just today) and the info said he was still married to Doreen (seriously Amazon update your stuff lol) – although I've known for a while, this was the first time I was interested in their divorce.

    I read Steven's statement, honestly it is a little bit pukey. I don't feel his divorce statement needs to tell us it is a healing opportunity for us, or to "back off" of the judgements – albeit it's understandable he would say so!

    So I wondered about Doreen's statement, and, I found it! I managed to find the newsletter which talks about her divorce, here is the link!

  6. Like Jasmine, just heard this reference to her "new love" on her radio show. Didn't know a thing about this until now. Wow. Just surprised and curious.

  7. Her new love, who is coincidentally named Michael is 100% her true soulmate. A very sweet, rational, not-cocky, truthful lightworker. They are very good together. I get real good senses of couples and I think Doreen has found her forever Love. Very sweet. They’re getting married pretty soon! Cheers! :)

    Love to you all fellow Lightworkers! :)

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