Full Moon Prosperity Potion

Prosperity Potion I make this potion on the full moon each month and put it in a vinegar bottle so I can sprinkle it over the door step each day.  It’s easy (that’s how I like my magick), cheap to make and seems to do the trick.

One thing though, I’ve found it attracts more prosperity during the waning moon than the waxing.  Any theories on this?  I’m going to make another batch on the new moon to see if it attracts more during the waxing than waning.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Like I said, this is super easy.  All you need are some fresh basil leaves (don’t use dried for this spell) and some boiling water.  Put the basil leaves in a bowl, pour over the water and leave for 3 days.  Take out the basil, giving it a good squeeze and put the water in a bottle to use.

Incant or ritualise it as you see fit.  My only addition is leaving it in the company of Dead Fred on the kitchen altar while it’s steeping for 3 days.

Kitchen Altar

Basil, also known as the witch’s herb, is one of my favourite herbs.  Not only because it tastes wonderful, especially with tomato, but it’s a fantastic multi purpose herb.  Making this potion (well, really it’s a water but potion sounds just a tad more magickal) gives you the added bonus of house protection, home & business blessings (ideal if you work from home), negativity cleansing and a little love too.

If you make some let me know what prosperity comes your way until the next full moon!

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  1. Bell, bookstand, and candles – plus chalice, wand, and stones – where's the pentacle and athame, Lyn?? ;D

    Is that Hecate I see on that card in the bookstand? And what, pray, be the meaning of the mask?

    …No incense either? xx

    • I don't think it's quite the 'traditional' altar, Charla. Dead Fred is a permanent fixture, the chalice is filled with little trinkets I've picked up, I can't light the candles because there's a cabinet above and I wouldn't leave an athame lying around the kitchen with all the kids about. The card on the stand is of Brigid and the mask is there because it's pretty and it reminds me of the different masks we wear each day.

  2. The only reason I can think of for the potion working better during a waning moon is that it removes obstacles from prosperity (which would make sense during the waning moon), so that more money can come in. I'm definitely going to give it a try next month–and frankly, I don't care about when the prosperity comes in, just that does. :)

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Lyn, I did this but i didnt sprinkle it everyday, i sprinkled round the whole of the property, business premisies and doorsteps it worked a bloody treat. Im trying it again but your way and see what the difference is, will keep you posted xxx

    • I forget to do it some days too Pixie… in fact you've just reminded me I need to sprinkle ;-) DO keep me posted – can't wait to hear what your results are :-)

  4. I'm finally giving this a try–my bowl is in the wealth corner of the living room on my prosperity altar. I'll keep you posted.

  5. I love Dead Fred too!!
    Do there have to be ‘rules’ on how an altar should be?
    Text book altars can guide us, but it is going with what feels right and what we are guided too. There is free will in everything, and going with your intuition is far more important than doing what feels right to someone else, don’t you think? Spirit love and respond to humour too!!
    Going to cut my basil now, will keep you posted!
    thanks for sharing

    • Use your intuition when setting up your altar – always best to follow whatever intuitive guidance you receive. Look forward to hearing about your results!

  6. I have a porch with a double glazed front door which has a ‘sill’ rather than a door step so I sprinkled the potion onto this and the outside door mat as we would be stepping onto that . The front door that HAS a step is inside the porch – I wondered if I should sprinkle the potion onto this one as well or only do this one.
    I haven’t had any significant results so will change things around the next time I do it.
    Any suggestions ?

  7. Hello Lyn,

    What a great idea. I live in a house-share do you think I could sprinkle this around my bedroom, and should I sprinkle at the main door?

    I was thinking of making a prosperity body oil; do you recommend using dried, fresh or essential oil of basil?

    Many Thanks


    • Sprinkle around your door an window frame… front door would be good too. I made an oil by gently warming basil in olive oil and letting it seep for an hour or two :-)

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