Blood Magic

Witchcraft is as unpredictable as the real Witches who rejoice in its magical delights. And when a Witch mixes into a spell something as powerful and binding as blood, things can get really complicated… and scary.

I was reading Outside the Bones by Lyn Di Iorio, and got to a part where Fina, the protagonist, starts to dip her witchy fingers in blood magic. “Ooo, bad juju,” I said to myself. Then the woman goes into consulting with a death spirit… yes, trouble in the brewing.

Blood magic is not a bad thing; I would argue with anyone who tries to corrupt its use by making it sound evil. The trick is for the Witch NOT to forget how powerful this biological bit of soul makes a spell. If you have any doubts about how complex and unmanageable real blood spells can get, read “Breaking the Blood Bond” by Lyn Thurman, which presents the case of a woman who mixed blood magic with love and is now in a bit of bind.

Interested in witnessing how a fictional quirky witch deals with her own magical issues? Read “The Dead Can See You Too”, my take on the first part of Lyn Di Iorio’s Outside the Bones.

I know you can’t wait to get your witchy hands on a copy of this novel. Guess what? One of you won’t have to wait long. Yep, you can win a free copy of the novel.

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A paperback copy of Outside the Bones by Lyn Di Iorio

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Open to everyone.

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Leave a comment on this post, sharing your thoughts about the use of blood by real Witches and their fictional counterparts.

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16th October at 5:13 PM, US time

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  1. The concept of Blood Magic is rather new to me, but I do remember watching The Craft and I might say that it does have a darker look. I am not someone who likes pain, so cutting or even pricking myself is not a go–so I will pass on those opportunities seeking some of my vein juice. Cool Post though.

  2. in the case of blood magic, just a drop will do you….so best make sure your intent is fully understood! blood magic isn't inherently dark so much as it's unnerving, on a fundamental level, due to the commitment of the witch using it.

    • I mainly work with dark magic (sex and dark moon energies). These kind of magic speaks to me. Nothing seals a mutual bond better than blood (reason why is so difficult to get away from those relatives you don't really like :) ). I've done my share of finger pricking, but the fact that I work sex magic mainly makes my own monthly moon a good source for the ingredient.

      And yes, with blood spells, like with tattoos, you need to really know what you want and why, for they are very difficult to do away with.

      • Whats interesting for me is that im not a Witch, I am an energy worker. I find casting spells to be tedious and indirect, however, blood magic appears to me. And not in the ways ive seen it been used. I started off using my blood to call spirits, and then to open portals with to other dimensions(yes, this is a form of Necromancy) But I recently found I can do many things with my blood. I think people confuse witchcraft that uses a drop of blood with my experience with Bloodmagic. Blood, to me is pure concentrated energy. Its our life force, thus is scares us. If you have ever done Necromancy you will find you are shifted into a twin, in between Worlds, and you will find your energy to also shift. Mine become cold, and after wards others have noticed a shroud almost to my aura. As far as Blood magic strictly, ive created protective “wombs” with it and containment fields for dark entities. Blood Magic is a field of magic i an starting to fully discover, and i cant wait to see what else is in store.

  3. Greetings all

    While growing up I attended lots and lost of Voudo ceremonies back home, and blood was always involve. Most of the red stuff came from animals like goats and chickens, and as far as I know the blood was a gift or offering to the Lwas or Los Santos like my grandma calls them. I have used my own blood to work magic spells with wonderful results and I have not regret it one bit. I think that as long as we know what we are doing, our intention is clear and we direct that energy correctly there is nothing to worry about. BB

    • Hello my name is jeremy,

      I'm verry new but not that new. I know things for no reason other than I know them . I know the basics of wicca but I know more than I should. I can do much but do nothing i'm looking for something that could teach why and how and why……………………. I know much but don't now why that is what I'm looking for. I don't need a history lesson ….. I need a why lesson…

  4. I've never used blood magic. I suppose the main reason is that I know how often I can change my mood and my mind! ;) I like to remain freely "unbound" and ready to do a 180 in a second if the idea strikes me.

    • Let me tell you, Blood Magic will NOT bind you to someone/thing UNLESS YOU WILL IT TOO. I get tired of people saying, “oh blood will bind you to people or things.” NO IT WONT, Trust me. I am not a witch, I am a Fairy. I dont do “witchcraft”, I do blood magic. And to mechanics are completely different. Personally i think just because a witch uses blood for a spell it doesnt make it “blood Magic”

      • While I agree binding has to be mutual, I myself have a blood bond with a witch. Blood majic should not be taken lightly. I went years without seeing her and when I do once in a while it’s like there is no one else in the room. Its an eternal bond it goes beyond the limits of the universe and life itself. I do not even practice and I can vouch on the power of blood.

  5. I find blood magick interesting, although I've never used it myself. If something were extremely important to me, I could see myself using a drop or two of my own blood (or that of a willing participant) in a spell, but I can't see myself partaking in anything more extreme, ie. animal sacrifices.

  6. I am too new to my pagan path to have an opinion of blood magic, but after watching season one of "Game of Thrones" I would say that it is most likely something I wouldn't try.

    I'd love to read the book however! :) Thanks for the chance :)


  7. i have been in blood magic for almost 5 years…i do not do any animal sacrifices…or any sacrifices..i am an animal…i believe in nature and all things in it…my high priestess sumned me up as a nocturnal blood pagan (the old ways)…mainly cause out of 13 generations im the only scorpio to be born and the only ever in my geneology to be born on a blood full moon on day of the dead and died twice during birth…she had me do a blood geneology with my doctor and for some reason with my father..mother..sisters..brothers…they had 7% or less of our viking bloodline but i had 78%…so now im studying pagan vikings…i always have done what feels natural when it comes to my magic…

    • I have always had an affinity for blood magic and have been practicing my gifts and magics for about 6, but only recently given into the call of blood magic. As im sure you can agree and share, the mechanics of blood magic and witchcraft are very different. Everyone seems to think they are going to bound to whatever the subject of the spell is… I would love to talk to you more about this as i am very new. My email is

  8. I had a dream about a blood spell but its incomplete. It envolves human blood, Animal blood, and some kind of food. can u tell me what is about?

  9. I had a vivid dream last night of a girl who was my best friend (I don’t know who she is but in my dream I did) we were in a dangerous place and began running but she got ahead of me and disappeared… So I turned to magic and found a book of summoning spells and saw one to summon a lost friend… I had to have 3 chains and 1 link (a chain of hooped links) and I had to put my blood on 1 of the chains (I cut along my palm just underneath my thum and it felt numb as I drew the blade across it) and chant something (I can’t remember what I said) but I felt this power release as if calling her. When I went back home my house lifted from the ground and I could hear the foundations crumbling as they broke free, the house turned slightly then placed itself back on the ground, nobody in my family was aware this had happened except me. When I opened my front door my best friend was walking outside and I was filled with relief to see her again.

    I believe in everything, I have an extremely opened mind like a child I guess, I have never cast any spells. I just hope for things hehehe but I have had recurring dreams of being a witch and this was the most intense, I didn’t cast that spell for myself but out of desperation and fear for my friends safety… Can someone tell me what this means please. (Sorry for writing something so long)

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