Full Moon Wishes

Full Moon Wishes

It’s the day of the full moon, and the first full moon of the calendar year, so let’s make some full moon wishes.

Between now and the next full moon, what one thing do you most wish for?

For me, it is motivation to continue my ‘I can change ONE thing’ challenge and not let it wither by the wayside, as I’m so often prone to do.

Now, let’s do some magick.  Share your wish in the comments section, light a candle and say:

“For everyone who wishes on the full moon, let the lunar power turn our dreams into reality and make all doubts, fears and obstacles disappear”

Or you can print out the words below, and place your candle on top of them (obviously in some suitable candle holder).  If you click the image it will open in a new window in a bigger size, making it easier to print.

Let’s see what wonders we can manifest in the space of a lunar month.

Want to know when the next full moon is happening? Download my free 2012 moon calendar.

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  1. Manage to finish things I feel I should do each week, while still getting einough sleep to stay healthy! Also known as, "managing my time properly".

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