Spell for Prosperity and Abundance

I know prosperity and abundance are big issues with, well, probably everyone right now, especially as the New Year (and New Year goals) usually highlights festive overspending and general lack of money flow .

Raven Moon, who operates Just Wicca, a website dedicating to creating community for young pagans on the web, has kindly shared her spellcrafting expertise with this prosperity and abundance spell.  Do check out Raven Moon’s website as she has new witchcraft spells added daily.

A Spell for Prosperity and Abundance

During a waning Moon, fill a green silk or flannel bag with the following herbs: dragon’s blood, purslane, John the Conqueror, water lily, acacia, basil and goldenrod. Place the bag on the altar. Place beside it the rune stone FEOH.

Place your cauldron before you on the altar, and put a cup inside the cauldron. Put some nutmeg and cinnamon in the cup. Lay seven bright coins next to the cauldron on the altar.

Touching the coins with your fingertips, chant:

Great Mother, your earth is full of abundance

You have bestowed much on my kin and all of humankind.

Let flow to us now daily peace of mind

So we realize our prosperity is with us at all times.

Place the coins in the cauldron with the herbs and stir them counter-clockwise seven times, chanting:

Release now our worry; reverse all this stress

Reveal to us secrets that unlock our success

Shower us with positive thought and belief

From all forms of money worry, we now find our relief.

So Mote it Be.

The night that the Moon is finishing her cycle, in the New Moon after the Waning Crescent, take the bag outside to a green area near your magickal tree. Reach in and take small amounts of the herbs from the bag and scatter them onto the ground, saying:

I release, I release all worry and fretting

There now is no reason to think money is scarce

All abundance is ours, mine and my kin

We enjoy wealth to the fullest, without and within.

So Mote it Be.

Keep repeating this till all of the herbs are gone, and have been scattered to the Earth or the Wind.

As you release the herbs, imagine that you are releasing your habits of worry and expectations of scarcity, for you are.

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