Universe! Magic cheque, please.

On my brief travels on the interwebs yesterday, I stumbled across a lovely, free blank magic cheque (or check, if you’re some place other than the Commonwealth) for manifesting money.

The timing of this find is impeccable because today I went to a cupboard to do some de-cluttering and found that I’d  gotten into the habit of storing old bills.  Apparently, based on the evidence, I’ve been doing this for 4-years.  It’s no wonder I keep collecting more bills when I’ve sent out such an obvious intention to the Universe that I like to hold onto them.

Here’s my bag of old bills and credit card statements that have been now properly dispatched.

Bag of Bills

What was I thinking?

For F-O-U-R years!

Anyway, enough of my law of attraction anti-abundance manifestation technique and onto something that could actually be beneficial.

It’s a freebie from Rhonda Byrne, of The Secret fame.

Magic Cheque from Rhonda Byrne

You can get your magic cheque in pdf or you can print directly from your browser with an html version.

Once you’ve printed it, cut it out so it looks like a cheque and not just a big piece of paper with something printed in the middle.

The idea is that you fill in the cheque with your details (or my details.. I won’t mind that!!), put a date on the top, and enter the amount of money you want to attract. You set the Universe loose, aided with the Law of Attraction, to bring you what you want.  Simple.

It’s the new moon tonight so it could be just the right time to fill out a magic cheque.  Of course, you can write your magic cheques any time you please but why not give your money manifesting cheque an extra shove by tapping into the new moon energy.

You can leave your cheque somewhere prominent so you can see it or you can tuck it away.  It’s a personal choice.  If you put your magic cheque out of sight, consider putting it:

  • in your wallet
  • underneath a spare change jar
  • amongst your bank statements
  • underneath a plant pot
  • in a cash register
  • in a jar with magnets

If you want to take the magic cheque principal one step further, create a spreadsheet of your finances and show a deposit for the cheque amount.

And, don’t forget you can write as many cheques as you like.  It’s an abundant Universe with an indefinite number of cheques.  So get writing and manifesting!

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  1. Thanks, Lyn! Cool idea! And I truly dig your suggestions as to where to put the check…especially "underneath a plant pot" and "in a jar with magnets". Would be interesting to see a number of comments as to how this works out for people.

    It looks like you have a beautiful, polished wood floor in your home – instead of wall-to-wall carpet. That alone speaks of prosperity to me…an upscale life style.

    …New Moon ALREADY??? This past month went FAST!!! =-

    • Oh, I wish I had an upscale life, Charla. But I'm committed to manifesting lol, especially now I've cleared out a 4-year wad of negativity.

      I'm going to be doing this tonight and I think it will be great if we all keep track of just how we become blessed.

      Perhaps, Charla, there should be a Law of Attraction forum? Would this be of interest to you? Something you could help with?

      • Lyn, I would *definitely* be interested in a forum for attracting abundance, prosperity, success…in whatever way one comes across – methods, means, and manifesting results! And…I hope that I COULD help with it! Am very willing to try – and to do!!

        Good job on clearing out four year's worth of old bills. Some people hold onto them far longer than that! I'll admit to keeping paid bills (*marked* "PAID" with date, check number, if applicable, and initialed!) myself in the past, in case there was ever any question as to whether I DID pay!! But c'mon!!! How often does the power (electric) company – or any utility provider for that matter – contact one and say, Oh, we found an old bill that you never paid?? They KEEP ON TOP of those things – as customers know very well, for their utilities are cut OFF if they *don't* pay regularly and on time!! Same deal with rent or mortgage payments…for sure!!!

        To my mind, ANY record of the positives in one's life, past, or present, can only be good. Yesterday I was having another (quite unexpected) happy memory of a minor event in my past – the kind of thing that I always appreciated, but never considered remotely important. I'm starting to actually perceive those more as heretofore *hidden treasures* in my life – and this time it occurred to me, I need to start keeping a notebook of all of these times, even the ones that are just moments – to read when I am having a really down day and feeling that my life – to use your so-pithy expression – is c**p!!! ;D – C. x

  2. Oh what the hell, why not. It's probably going to attract more money than we're getting in interest on the savings account these days. Oh right. Forgot. What savings. This is me, printing my majik cheque.

    Ali x

    by the by, I love that phrase "my law of attraction anti-abundance manifestation technique"

    • What have you got to lose, Ali? You're right – the banks, savings, financial institutions are all rubbish so it's up to the Universe. Keep track and let's see how much we can manifest!!

  3. I never thought of the fact of holding on to OLD bills, …as a stagnant thing..! DUH!!! I am so going to de-clutter, and write a check!!!

  4. Hi! I have enjoyed reading both your blog and the comments. Love your website. Am bookmarking this page. Oh, and I am definitely going to fill in that magic check. Have already printed it off…lol. Thanks. whichwitchiswhich.com

  5. may i know how to fill in the magic check?at the colum”pay”what should i write,and what should i write at the colum “on the order of” thanks.

  6. It was the Universe that brought me to your site. Have read so many books, spells, etc… and no where was it providing the insight on the “clutter” aspect holding onto the bills! This is brilliant. I’ll be following your blog and have signed up to your newsletter. So grateful the Universe brought me to your site. Bright Blessings, Linda.

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