Don’t leave home without these 5 magickal items

Like most magickal practitioners, I have a large collection of magickal props around the house to use in my workings.  Most of them are natural or handcrafted, though I must confess to owning a few trendy items that happened to catch my eye while I was out and about.

This would be fine except for one minor and vexing point; occasionally, I’m away from home when there’s a need to cast a spell.  Whilst I can, and often do in these occasions, cast using only intention and a few hand gestures (No, not those!  Though I can’t say they don’t cross my mind from time to time), sometimes I’m able to put more emotion into the spell if I have some physical components.

This presents an all-new problem.

What items can I fit in my handbag or wear on my person that will act as a focus without looking weird?

After some experimentation, I settled on these:

  • A small sachet of salt for blessing or purifying
  • A small sachet of sugar to sweeten attitudes
  • A compact mirror to summon or absorb energy
  • A necklace with either a stone or an emblem for use as a pendulum or an aid in healing
  • A small notepad and a pen to create incantations or sigils

What essential magickal items do you carry around in your bag or purse?


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  1. I’d love someone to make a black obsidian/normal mirror dual compact. Seen them in my dreams and not in reality. I do not know anyone with the skills or finances to make one sadly. Well not yet.

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