Don’t let these 3 events exorcise your holiday spirit

Whether you call this season Christmas, Yule or ‘oh my goddess is it that time already’, you must admit that it tends to bring in a flood of stress.

This week, before the actual holidays occur, I thought I would dedicate a post to all those things that can limit or terminate your holiday cheer if you don’t take measures to neutralise the negative emotions they can conjure up.

Others’ expectations

As if people don’t expect enough out of you through the course of the year, this season tends to make them extra needy.  They’ll want more time, more presents, and more entertainment – just to name some of the biggies.


Of all the holidays, the placing of Yule and Christmas seem the most unjust.  You’ve just finished an eleven month trek and now, in the very last month on days close to the end, you’re expected to have the strength and motivation to party hearty rather than a blessing to curl into the foetal position under a warm duvet for a much deserved coma.

Cooking and accommodating

Even if you normally love to cook and entertain guests for the night, both come with bonus pressure during this season.  Of course, the food must be perfect because the joy of everyone attending your soiree depends on it.  Naturally, once they have filled themselves to the brim with food and drink, none of your 25 guests will want to gather their children and head for home.  Though you can only sleep eight people comfortably, including yourself, they’ll surely take you up on your unvoiced invitation to spend the night.  Don’t worry, no pressure here.

The ironic thing is that if you can somehow eliminate the stress and anxiety around these guaranteed seasonal events, it’s a truly wondrous time of the year.

If you missed by free teleseminar event – you can listen to the replay until the end of the weekend.  Get your EFT Tapping fingers at the ready and exorcise the holiday stress, rather than the spirit!


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