What can a smile get me?

This week I was reading a law of attraction book that I’d picked up from the Kindle store.  I’ve collected and read so many that I can’t remember exactly which one it was or I’d recommend it.

However, there was one concept that really inspired me.  In essence, it said that we’re not so much creators as we are alchemists.  All the raw material to have what we want is already in existence in the form of energy; we simply gather it, combine it to meet our specifications and bring it into manifestation.

I’d never looked at manifestation in this way before.  As I ran it through my head, I became more excited.  I began to imagine hundreds of unique combinations of energy and what I could manifest with them.  My head was spinning out of control.  I enjoyed the journey for a while before I centred myself and chose my first practical application.

Not long ago, I blogged about using a smiling technique to instantly change your mood.  Today I want to show you how you can combine this technique with meditation to help you manifest your desires quicker.  This method is so effective because smiling activates the feel good chemicals in your brain, you find yourself filled with happiness, and this emotional charge combines with your intention to speed what you want straight to you.

Here are the simple steps:

Stand in front of the mirror and smile

The object in doing this mirror technique is to ensure that you generate a strong, positive emotional energy.  Don’t just stop with one grin; smile as many times as it takes you to feel giddy with happiness.  Personally, I’ve never known it to take more than 30 attempts.

Enter the alpha state

Once you’re filled with mirth, sit down and relax all parts of your body until you enter that dreamy state.

Describe what you want

Tell the Universe aloud exactly what you want down to the smallest detail; leave nothing out.


Picture exactly what you want in your mind and imagine it is already yours.  Allow gratitude to combine with your happiness as you focus on it for a few moments.

Trust the wisdom of the Universe

Perform this process without any thought of how and exactly when your desire will come to you; just know it is on its way.

Take action

As soon as you can, take one action to move towards your desire.  This will show the Universe you are serious.  In response, it will provide you with one or more opportunities that will bring what you desire nearer.  It will then be up to you to act on them.  This pattern will continue until you get your desire, unless of course you give up.

Rinse and repeat

Repeat this pattern as much as you like.  At least once a day is a good start but the more you repeat this process the quicker you will have what you wish, providing you persevere.

Try this combo out when you get the chance; you’ll be surprised at the results.  Let me know what you think!


P.S. I’m going to be making a limited number of Pagan Prayer beads on the solstice – perfect for meditation! More details later this week :-)


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  1. I read somewhere that the who process of alchemy was the soul’s journey and not the creating gold or whatever. Your post just reminded me of that. Good words!

  2. This IS interesting. I wish I knew what exactly I am supposed to do now after I graduate. Kinda feel raw to the world right now and am not sure if degrading my skills to working at a gas station is the right move. :/

  3. Wow, I’ll have to digest this all. Smiling and visualizing reminds me of one of my fave. authors/spiritual teachers, Shakti Gawain. Like Bernard Charles, I’ll have to think about what will make me smile the most. I’d love to hear some examples that you’ve used for yourself Lyn and what you wanted.

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