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When I was very young, my imagination ran wild.  When I shared my strange creations with the adults, they would smile, clap their hands and remark what a remarkably clever child I was.  The appreciation thrilled me and inspired me to keep it up.

Then school began and things changed.  None of my teachers considered it particularly brilliant to create simply because I could.  Everything, including the objects I made during craft classes, had to fulfill some purpose.  Soon I learned to accept this as correct thinking.  I didn’t even notice that with the acceptance came a void within me.

It wasn’t until many years later, when I began to walk my magickal path, that I discovered the void.  I had just finished preparing a spell for a client.  Everything was ready and I was just waiting for the proper hour to cast it, when the client called me to let me know that she no longer wished me to cast the spell.

At first, I felt a little put out.  Much work had gone into the preparations, to say nothing of the time and expense of gathering all of the necessary ingredients.

Then my inner witch giggled at me and asked, “Did you enjoy creating the environment and the objects for the spell?”

A grin broke across my face as the question rolled across my mind and the great wave of an ‘a ha’ moment swamped me.  It was like being a kid again.  The thrill of creating simply to create was upon me.  The words of my inner witch freed me from the bondage of practicality.

Today most of my creations have purposes but there are still days I use my goddess given freedom to create just because I can.  Now, I encourage any who listen to do the same.

Tabby's owl

The beginnings of an owl I’m making for Tabitha – not other reason than I felt like it :-)

Creation is a wonderful expression of the power the goddess gave us.  To believe otherwise is to miss a huge part of who you are.

When the inspiration strikes, go create and don’t cheapen the experience by thinking your creation must be practical or even useful (and especially not perfect – perfectionism kills creativity).

Just create because it’s awesome and you can :-)


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  1. Lyn, I know exactly what you mean. Years ago I used to do casting….no not spells..but chess sets, ornaments and wall plaques using Stonecast powder and rubber moulds. I had this wonderful mould – a Mandarin who sat on a throne which was very intricate. I made one and it turned out beautifully, I painted him and antiqued him and I was so proud of him. Then I made my mum and dad one which again, turned out well, and they loved it. This guy I knew, saw the mandarin and could not believe how professional it looked (to be honest it was not really hard work) and he ordered 10 of them and said he would take them up London and sell them at a good price for me. Suddenly I felt I was a conveyor belt, and my kitchen was a factory and I could not bring myself to ever make another one somehow, the joy I had making and painting him was not about money, it was not a commercial venture as far as I was concerned. The guy couldnt understand my reluctance but I just could not explain my inner feelings, he would not have understood. xx

  2. Thank you for reminding me of this. My head is itching telling me my angels are near. I’ve been seeing myself in my dreams drawing and creating stuff even though I find it difficult to draw well because of my disability and the effect it has on my fine motor skills.

    Blessings, Stacey

  3. How true!!! I’ve returned to my love of drawing and painting. Now I’m kicking myself for putting art aside after listening to people who warned, “It’s a good way to starve. If it doesn’t earn any money, what good is it?”

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