The goddess connection: Should I zap the pain away?

I received a question this week that really touched my heart.  It was from a very loving Pagan woman who found out her next-door neighbour had recently lost her son-in-law to cancer and she was in grieving.

Upon discovering this, the woman’s heart melted with sadness and she wanted to help.  She thought perhaps casting a spell to limit or remove her neighbour’s pain would help but she wasn’t sure if there might be something better she could do.

I brought this concern before the goddess Aradia and this is what she said through me.

The Goddess Connection

Wishing to help someone who is grieving is honourable.  However, in taking action, you must keep in mind that grief is a necessary part of the loss cycle.  If you attempt to suppress or negate it, there could be severe consequences for the one suffering.  The grief could turn inward to rise in a different guise later in life or it could turn outward in the form of intense anger or depression.  It might even disappear, leaving a void that makes the person suffering feel out of control and apathetic.

The best way to help someone suffering from grief is to support her.  Be there with open heart and ears to aid her in releasing the varied emotions surging through her.  Don’t rush this process; just be there for when she’s ready.  Another valuable thing you can do for her is to help her cover all her daily essentials.  This includes cooking, cleaning, ironing and yard work.

Triple Goddess

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