And the winner is….

My goodness, what a holiday season.  I’ve been sick for a week and now only just beginning to feel somewhat human.

I haven’t done anything. I haven’t been anywhere.

I’ve just coughed and spluttered and tried to stay upright.

I hope you’ve had healthy, happy holidays and haven’t caught this bloody bug too.


I’m a little later than I had anticipated in announcing a winner for the Solstice artwork giveaway.



Also, I’d planned to use my trusted sidekick, Tabitha, to pull a name but she wears me out with her enthusiasm.  My body and nerves just aren’t up for a Tabitha-in-front-of-the -video-camera moment….. dear lord no!

I took the much saner route to and it picked:

Random 7

The winner is Susan G!  Woo hoo!

I’ll be in touch Susan!


P.S. It’s almost 2013!  Let’s make it a magical year – join me at the Soul Path Tribe!

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  1. So sorry you have been so poorly Lyn, there is a lot of it about altho’ we do seem to have escaped it. Glad to hear you are on the mend now, take care of yourself, and a Happy Healthy 2013 to you all xxx

  2. Dear Lyn, I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve felt so poorly over the past week of the holidays. Wishing you much renewed strength and energy, now, and increasingly in the new year that is almost upon us! Love always…C.

  3. Congrats Susan. So sorry you have been sick Lyn. I’m sending you healing powers of light for a speedy recovery. Peace, love & light my friend.

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