Oya: the goddess to connect with for January 2013

Oya by quirkybird @Flickr (creative commons)As many know, towards the end of last year, the goddess impressed upon my heart the importance of knowing and working with all of her many aspects.  Though I was excited about the idea, I felt more than a little overwhelmed.

Just when i thought I just might hyperventilate, the goddess told me to breathe deep and simply break the whole experience into enjoyable chunks.  She then suggested I could work with a single aspect each month.  In this way I could fully embrace and respond to every nuance of her and grow as a friend and a person.

I started the Soul Path Tribe and added this exercise into it.  Others have taken it on-board and many positive things have taken place in their lives as they continue to grow in the goddess.

In my Soul Path Tribe workbook, I have the aspects of the goddess we will be working with this year.  If you want to join us, you are very welcome (I’m sure you’ll love it there – beautiful souls are connecting every day and I’ve just added more social community functions to the website).  If you choose not to, you can still know which aspect of the goddess we’re working with, get some tips on how to do so, read some articles that relate to her and more by coming back here :-)

The aspect of the goddess we’ll be focusing on this month is her fiery determination as personified by Oya.

Through understanding and working together with this aspect of the goddess, you can:

  • Act with fierce determination
  • Face any situation with courage
  • Follow intellectual pursuits
  • Raise a storm when a situation requires it

Are you ready to make January your ‘fiery determination’ month?


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