A safe way to represent the fire element

FireOya, the goddess of the month over at the Soul Path Tribe, is a fiery goddess both in personality and by power.

From the day she stared into the mortar of Chango, she has been able to shoot fire from her hands.  Because of this, I personally couldn’t imagine communicating with her without something to represent the fire element.

Candles or tiki torches are wonderful symbols, and ones that I would suggest using if you have the workable space.  The trouble with both of these items is that they require constant vigilance if you choose to use them.  I’m sure you’ve heard hundreds of stories how these items have been the cause of fires due to being knocked over by being improperly placed or freak accidents.

The whole idea of using a candle or torch in magick is two-fold.  It represent the element of fire, whether that be the entity you’re making contact with or just the element itself, and it’s symbolic of your will going out into the cosmos in order to manifest.  Because of these important symbolisms, candles are very important focusing tools, so you definitely don’t want to leave them out; yet it’s not always feasible to use them.

If you choose to do a more traditional magick working rather than a virtual one, I’ve found two fairly inexpensive items that work really well.  The first is the basic flashlight.

Like candles and torches:

  • they can be purchased in a variety of colours and sizes,
  • you can anoint their exteriors with oil,
  • they can be placed so the light beam is extending into heaven and
  • you can leave them to burn out if you wish, though this could lead to a healthy battery expense.

Unlike candles, you can do all this without fearing the reaper.

Though I think the bizarre shapes and textures are part of the fun of using flashlights, not everyone shares my eccentricity.

For those of you who are willing to use a different light source but not give up the candle’s form, you can always purchase an inexpensive battery operated candle.

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  1. How fascinating. I have been avoiding candle magic because of the strict limits I find myself dealing with at home or in school. I never did think of using flashlights! Mind is blown!

  2. I’ve had a phobia about flames since I was young. I use the flameless battery candles, some of them are remarkably life like now. The flame may not be alive as such but the intent is just the same.

    • Intent, as you point out, is everything. I love that about magick because it allows us limitless creativity when selecting components=)

      Were you caught up in an unfortunate event that included flames or is it just a natural phobia, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • It just seems to be a natural phobia don’t know where it comes from, but had it as long as I can remember. Never had a bad experience with fire. One of my worse, but by no means dangerous, memories as a child was attending Cristingle at the church and having to walk around with this orange holding this lit candle, everyone else was going around smiling and mum always said I looked like I was walking holding an unexploded bomb. I grew up in a house with coal fires and when I was young my gran still used a fired range cooker, so I can’t even say it was something that was unfamiliar to me. I can lay a fire, but I can’t light a match to light it or get to close to a flame. Tried numerous times to over come the fear but never have up to press. The invention of flame-less candles is for me brilliant because I always thought I was missing something before, candles play such a big part in our craft. :)

  3. I really like the ‘flame-less’ candles, the come in different colors and scents. Most have led light bulbs so they last a really long time and some places, like Costco, have remote controlled sets that would be great for household alters.

    • Thank you so much for mentioning the remote controlled sets Iesadora. I’ve never bumped into them before, now I will be hunting them=)

  4. Thank you so much for this post, Paul. Very much needed information here!

    I have had my own problems with candles, or rather people’s attitudes about them. For a number of years I worked at psychic fairs doing intuitive art and other types of readings. Several years ago the venue (a church, no less!) at which the fair I always was a part of in my town changed their policies. One of them was that lit candles would no longer be allowed at the fairs. It was quite frustrating – candles add such ambiance, as you well know. I actually resorting to “sneaking” a lit votive or travel candle onto my table!

    Now, with the advent of candles without flames, one can still have the look, and, to some degree, the feel of real firelight but be able to take it anywhere…plus there’s no longer the danger factor. The home shopping networks over here have periodic shows selling nothing but flameless candles, all beautifully designed, including seasonal motifs. The idea of remote controlled ones is even better…a way to leave the traditional “light in the window at home” burning…safely!

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