If you read my newsletter last week, you’ll know I am not particularly confident about speaking in public, stemming from some bad experiences as a child.

Yet, I know that creating more video and audio(and probably real-live public speaking)  is actually a huge step on my soul path.  It’s all about stretching that comfort zone to breaking point!

Part of my Soul Path Tribe membership site includes a monthly guided meditation to download and listen to at leisure.   I’m no stranger at creating meditations and I took a diploma course in hypnosis, but it’s been a while since I used these skills.

While I hadn’t been dreading recording the MP3, I hadn’t been jumping up and down for joy either.

I did my usual procrastination tricks of shuffling papers and getting distracted on nothing in particular on the internet.  Eventually, I removed myself from the computer and sat with pen and paper to write the guided meditation script.

First part accomplished. Next part the recording.

It was then I noticed I didn’t feel very well.  My head began to ache and I was snuffly.

I’d caught a cold, which obviously meant the delay of recording because who wants to listen to sniffs when they’re trying to  be guided on a fantastic journey (in this case, a visit to an ancestral sacred hall).

Hmmmm….. sudden cold?  Not wanting to record an MP3?  Could it be a co-incidence or self-sabotage?

Realising it could just be me causing my symptoms so I would postpone the  voice work for another day, didn’t make me feel better.  In fact, it made my head pound a little harder.

So what to do?

Give in to aches or try to see if it was just my sub-conscious helping me avoid something I didn’t really want to do?

I took a couple of ibuprofen tablets, bought some Lockets, and dotted my head with Tiger Balm.

It was  few hours later when I had the chance to record and my cold was gone.  The headache and the snuffles had disappeared.

Self-sabotage was banished (at least for that day).

You have to be aware of subtle self-sabotage.  It’s not as obvious as the negative self-talker but it’s just as destructive.

Have you fallen victim of self-sabotage?  How do you combat your own self-sabotage or don’t you realise until it’s too late?


P.S. If you’d like to join the Soul Path Tribe, I would love to see you there! (It’s only $9.97 a month).

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