Full Moon 80s Retro Tarot Spread: Pretty in Pink

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t paid much attention to what’s going on astrologically.  I know from chatter on social media that a bunch of planets are going retrograde and that today’s full moon is a pink moon.

A while ago I started doing full moon spreads based on 80s music and with the pink moon, I thought I’d resurrect the full moon tarot spreads this month.  So we have a full moon Pretty in Pink tarot spread based on the 1981 Psychedelic Furs song, which lent its name to the 1986 movie (haven’t seen it…. still haven’t seen Cocktail).


Under the light of the full moon (or any time you choose – 80s cheesy pop songs need no perfect astrological alignment to enjoy), light a candle, shuffle your cards and lay down the Pretty in Pink tarot spread.

Pretty in Pink Tarot Spread

I remember this song and never had much of a clue what it was about apart from wearing pink perhaps.  I’ve looked at the lyrics and I’m still not sure so I’m putting my own creative spin on it.  The Pretty in Pink tarot spread is, according to me, about putting your life in order and being true to yourself.

Pretty in Pink tarot spread

CARD 1: The place in the side of our lives where nothing is ever put straight.  This is the tangled mess – the life-drawer you throw the things you don’t want to see into and try to forget about.  This card is what needs to be sorted out and healed.

CARD 2: This is it – that’s the end of the joke.  What you need to do to heal ‘the side of our lives where nothing is ever put straight’.

CARD 3: Anything you want to steal.  This is a tool or support to help you (don’t steal though…that’s bad karma).

CARD 4: Nothing you can touch.  An unexpected benefit from clearing out that tangled mess.

CARD 5: Case of individuality.  What you’ll gain personally by putting this segment of your life in order.

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