Goddess Rising Book Launch!

When The Inner Goddess Revolution was published it was a very quiet affair. There was cake but it was a little celebration at home.

At lot has changed over two years.  Since then I’ve been doing talks and going places and meeting all kinds of wonderful people so when my friend Jane asked if I’d like to have a book launch at Chi Coffee in Portsmouth, I jumped at the chance.

My heart is full from yesterday’s book launch for Goddess Rising.

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I’m an author, writer, life coach, EFT tapper and an inner goddess unleasher! I'm the creator of the Sea Whispers oracle and founder of the Inner Goddess Circle. I believe in magic and sparkles and the amazing possibilities of you.

2 thoughts on “Goddess Rising Book Launch!

  1. Linda Ursin

    Congratulations Lyn. I hope it does really well and reaches those who need it.


    1. Lyn

      Thank you Linda!!


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