Goddess Rising in March

A Twist in the Tale: Goddess Rising

My next book, Goddess Rising, will be coming out at the end of March.

It isn’t the book I intended to launch but I was told by ‘them upstairs, the one I was writing (in starts-and-stops for the past 2 years) will be after this one. Goddess Rising is a collection of 52 different goddesses, Her stories and how to use Her energy/influence in your own life.

I have a huge chunk of the writing finished but it needs a really good collation and self-edit before I have anything that resembles a first draft.

I’m self publishing this time too rather than getting a publisher so that’s a learning curve (like did you know, if you publish a book in the UK, you’re legally obligated to send a copy to the British Library?). Once I buy my ISBN numbers, I’ll officially be a publisher too. Woo hoo!

I will do everything, apart from the final edit, myself.  I have ideas for the cover so I’ll put my Photoshop skills to use and those couple of years I spent editing for an online news publisher will pay off too.

Because one massive writing project isn’t enough, I’m putting the finishing touches to next month’s Inner Goddess Circle workbook. We’re learning more about the Sami sun goddess, Beiwe. Many cultures had sun goddesses and moon gods. We can see the feminine in the sun through language: the sun was feminine in old English and it still is in German.  Oh, and I’ve created January’s and February’s cards for the Sacred Earth Oracle.

Now I’m going to turn off my laptop, watch a movie with my husband, and forget I can even type until tomorrow.

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I’m an author, writer, life coach, EFT tapper and an inner goddess unleasher! I'm the creator of the Sea Whispers oracle and founder of the Inner Goddess Circle. I believe in magic and sparkles and the amazing possibilities of you.

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  1. Linda Ursin

    Exciting developments 🙂 I look forward to seeing this one too


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