Hungry like the wolf tarot spread

Inspired by the January’s wolf moon and listening to Duran Duran yesterday, here’s the Hungry Like the Wolf tarot spread.

This is a tarot spread for when you have a hunger in your belly to hunt down something to sate you.  This could be a relationship, an object, an experience, a new job, anything…. it’s something you want, perhaps need, and it’s something that’s driving you a little crazy.


Hungry like the wolf tarot spread

Obviously, you don’t have to use tarot cards.  You can use oracle cards, poker cards or anything else that takes your fancy (try it with runes!).

CARD 1:  I’m hungry like the wolf. This is what I hunger for and howl at the moon for her to bring me:

CARD 2: I’m lost. Yikes!  What do I need to see or do to gain direction:

CARD 3: I’m found. I know I’m on the right path when I find:

CARD 4:  I howl and I whine.  All is not lost because even though I might not see it, I do have this going in my favour:

CARD 5: It’s discord and rhyme. This is the confusion or obstacle I have to get past:

CARD 6: I’m on the hunt, I’m after you.  Oh yes!  I’ve got my wolf frame-of-mind on and my course of action is clear.   This is how I hunt the hunger down:

Have fun with this (and howl a little too while you’re laying the cards – gets you into the right frame of mind!).

Lyn Thurman

P.S. If you don’t enjoy tarot or oracle cards (really? What’s wrong with you?), here’s a little 80s Hungry Like the Wolf music to get you through the day.

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3 thoughts on “Hungry like the wolf tarot spread

  1. Gudrun

    Love this 🙂 Can´t wait to try it out.


  2. Elaine Robins

    Love this spread, as well as the theme song in which to do it! Thanks, Lyn 🙂


  3. rioduran

    OMG, brilliant! I love this spread and it’s exactly what I needed. All I need is now, right? ???????????? I’m going to share this link on a couple of Duran Duran fan pages.


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