Meet Lyn Thurman

Lyn ThurmanWriter of Words, Priestess of the Pen and Storyteller of Spirit

I have an addiction to the written word.

My earliest memories are of being in a library and as a child I brought back notebooks as souvenirs from travels. I preferred paper over tourist-trap trinkets.

During turbulent teenage years, libraries were my sanctuary and books my companions. Any place where books gather is a sacred spot.

My home bulges at the seams as it attempts to stop the books, notebooks, pens, paper, and miscellaneous stationery from spilling into the street.

I cannot imagine a world where I don’t read and I don’t write.

I tried it once.

For many years I left my books to fester in a dark, dusty attic. I was trying to fit into a world of TV and football and pubs and gym workouts.

I felt lost.

You see, just as I have writing and books twisted in my DNA, I also carry a strand of spirituality and molecules of mysticism.

Books, writing, beliefs, magic, mystery, spirit…..they are in my make-up, genetic not cosmetic, and for me to feel alive, I need them all.

When I boxed up my books, I locked up my soul.

Today, I write.

I’m in the flow of the universe when I have a pen in my hand and words are flowing through me.

I’m a priestess of the pen and a storyteller of the spirit.

I believe we can connect and heal through heartfelt words and sharing our soul stories.

I ♥ good words.

For someone who has a passion for writing, I’ve taken a scenic path to reach my soul’s calling.

I didn’t listen to my pen-wielding inner goddess, nor my intuition in general, so I headed off to a world of IT and government.

I had dreams of writing while locked away in a cubicle, and in some ways they were fulfilled as I wrote guides on how to use word processing and spreadsheet software. I also wrote code.

It wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

As I said, my route to writer-hood has been anything but direct. I didn’t study for an English degree, nor did I venture into a writing career when I leapt into the job world.  I knew I wanted to write but I lost my confidence because I was convinced I needed the degree I didn’t have.

I took a lot of twists and turns to get here.

The Inner Goddess Revolution BookJust to prove if you let passion and spirit guide you, you can achieve your dreams (even without an English degree): My first full manuscript was snapped up by OBooks and The Inner Goddess Revolution is released March 2015.

Along the way, you might have:

  • Seen my  published articles in ezines and print magazines.
  • Stalked my blog from time to time. I’ve been blogging since 2006.
  • Noticed me as a guest writer on other people’s blogs.
  • Read a copy of the Soul Path Magazine, I am co-founder and editor-in-chief.
  • Hired me to  write for you or edit your copy.
  • Been edited by me. I worked as a freelance news and content editor for almost three years.
  • Picked up a copy of my self published mini-books on Amazon.
  • Worked through the monthly Inner Goddess Light workbooks, written by me, at my Inner Goddess Circle.
  • Joined in with my Write the Wisdom of Your Soul writing challenge.

Unlikely revolutionary

10308591_10204303291176033_531164709824130983_nI’m not your typical rebel rouser or revolutionary.

If given to vote, I’d probably win the ‘least likely to incite a riot’ category.

I’m hardly a punch-the-air, burn my bra rule breaker.

I’m more of a mid-life peace lovin’ vegetarian with a penchant for cake, an obsession with sky photography and an addiction to books.

Like I said, I’m not your typical rebel rouser.

I’m not interested in guns or coup d’états or nasty things humans do to each other.

But I am on a mission to bring about an awakening and to help women realise that the best revolutions are the ones that happen on the inside.

The non-violent uprisings where potential is realised; pushed-down dreams bubble to the surface; and life becomes less workhouse regime and more magically inspired.

Our weapons of choice are spiritual truth bombs, rapid-fire telling of our stories, and learning to break the code of this crazy-busy modern life.

I interview women who are unleashing their inner goddesses on the world (bravo!) and I hold sacred space at the Inner Goddess Circle.  And, of course, I write about spirituality and goddesses (a lot).

Where you might have seen me

Lyn Thurman has been featured in

And you might have seen me lurking behind ancient trees at Avebury

Lyn at Avebury - Feb 2014

13 things you probably don’t know about me (unless you’ve read this page before)

I’ve been tied to a maypole and had Morris dancers shake their sticks at me (and I’ve stood in the middle of a crop circle – but not with Morris dancers).

I swam a mile non-stop.

My very first ambition was to be a nurse. I’d like to tell you it was to help people but my reason was to walk along corridors, preferably with a clip board, and look important.

I bought my first camera when I was eleven. It was a disk camera, which at the time was a bold move away from 35mm films.  It didn’t catch on (you’ve probably never heard of it). I still love taking photos.

I gave birth to my daughter at home, totally naturally, with the help of a wonderful midwife.  A few hours later, I took her for her first adventure to pick my sons up from school.

I’m a qualified manicurist & nail technician.  I bit my nails for most of my life and I hate nail extensions.

I met my husband through an online tarot reading.

I travelled to Greece by myself when I was 14 to stay with my pen friend that I met when I was nine.

I went through a period of having prophetic dreams about plane crashes and train wrecks. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen anymore.

I’ve worked in France and attended school in Austria.

Buck Rogers was my first pretend boyfriend (not that I’ve made a habit of having pretend boyfriends).

I’ve recently developed a love of olives and, this is absolutely true, I think I prefer them to chocolate.

My sun sign is Pisces, my moon is in Cancer, and I have Aquarius rising.

Now what?

You can…. find me over at Facebook

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You can…. say hello and send me an email.

You can…. join me at the Inner Goddess Circle. It’s full of sacred Goddess goodness and wonderful women who want more from life.

You can…. grab a cup of coffee (or tea or whatever takes your fancy) and read my blog.