Meet Lyn Thurman

Lyn ThurmanI love looking at other people’s bio pages… they’re always so much fun for a nosy person like me.  But you’re here and wanting to know about me.  Holy cow!  No pressure, right?

There’s an official about me page that you can read.  It tells you about what I’ve done, the qualifications I’ve got, the books I’ve written, where I’ve been featured etc. etc. (check it out, if you want).

BUT that page doesn’t really tell you who I am and I’m sure you’re like me and want to check out real people, not just statistics.

Why I do what I do 

I’ve had an itchy, burning desire to help people since forever, and as I’ve got older that ambition has redefined itself into:

Helping women, especially us mid-lifers, get clear on what they want from life and spreading the word that you don’t have to settle.  You can let that inner goddess come roaring out and you can make your life magical.

It’s doable because I’ve done it.

  • I was a divorced, single mum of two toddler boys and now I’m a married mum of two teenage boys and one spirited little girl.
  • I had a job that sucked and a boss from hell so I left.  I now work for myself, from home and I love it. Love, love, love it!
  • I sold my house and moved out of London in the beginning of the recession without any proof of income, and now live by the sea (a forever dream).
  • I was brought up in an atheist household but I found my spiritual path and I’m all the happier for it.  My spirituality is on my terms and it’s part of my daily life.
  • I’ve been stuck, depressed, suicidal, unhappy, burdened, frustrated, confused, dis-empowered, disowned, restricted.  Everyone has bad days, I’m no exception, but now I’m a pretty happy person and I love life.

Where you might have seen me

Lyn Thurman has been featured in


And you might have seen me lurking behind ancient trees at Avebury

Lyn at Avebury - Feb 2014

13 things you probably don’t know about me (unless you’ve read this page before)

I’ve been tied to a maypole and had Morris dancers shake their sticks at me (and I’ve stood in the middle of a crop circle – but not with Morris dancers).

I swam a mile non-stop.

My very first ambition was to be a nurse. I’d like to tell you it was to help people but my reason was to walk along corridors, preferably with a clip board, and look important.

I bought my first camera when I was eleven. It was a disk camera, which at the time was a bold move away from 35mm films.  It didn’t catch on (you’ve probably never heard of it). I still love taking photos.

I gave birth to my daughter at home, totally naturally, with the help of a wonderful midwife.  A few hours later, I took her for her first adventure to pick my sons up from school.

I’m a qualified manicurist & nail technician.  I bit my nails for most of my life and I hate nail extensions.

I met my husband through an online tarot reading.

I travelled to Greece by myself when I was 14 to stay with my pen friend that I met when I was nine.

I went through a period of having prophetic dreams about plane crashes and train wrecks. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen anymore.

I’ve worked in France and attended school in Austria.

Buck Rogers was my first pretend boyfriend (not that I’ve made a habit of having pretend boyfriends).

I’ve recently developed a love of olives and, this is absolutely true, I think I prefer them to chocolate.

My sun sign is Pisces, my moon is in Cancer, and I have Aquarius rising.

Now what?

You can…. find me over at Facebook

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You can…. say hello and send me an email.

You can…. join me at the Soul Path Tribe. It’s full of sacred goodness and wonderful women who want more from life.

You can…. grab a cup of coffee (or tea or whatever takes your fancy) and read my blog.