Self-Care vs. Self-Nourishment in the Pursuit of Happiness

I’ve been clarifying what I want from life and what I want to do with it.  All the work I’ve done with Goddess energy has given me the areas of interest: nourishment, creativity, healing and intuition.  However, it’s nourishment that has been the biggest theme and had the most impact on my life.  I turned to nourishment when my hair was falling out a couple of years ago and I wasn’t in a good place.

There are so many courses, workshops and books on self-care but is self-care enough?  Our world is heavy on the mind-body-spirit and care can skim the surface whereas nourishment goes deep.

I was thinking back to the time I worked as a director’s PA in a nursing home.  As I wasn’t part of the care staff, I could observe the day-to-day stuff objectively.  I saw the carers work really, really hard in an environment that was physically and emotionally demanding.  There were guidelines and care plans to follows in the caring of the elderly.  And, they did the job they signed up for: they cared for the residents.  However, they didn’t nourish them: they made sure their daily needs were met.  Care can stop at fulfilling that obligation.

Care can mean just doing the necessary day-to-day things you need to get on with life.  I self-care everyday but I don’t necessarily do it consciously or with any great attention to detail.  I get up, get dressed, eat, drink, and usually eat some more.  I’ve managed this level of self-care in my darkest depressions and not-so-dark ones too – self-care hasn’t led me to happiness.

I believe one of the keys to happiness is to cultivate self-nourishment.

In The Inner Goddess Revolution, I talk about the need to make better choices by pausing and asking: “how would this decision serve me?”  Creating a greater awareness to the benefits of decision making, which btw should have a win-win outcome, leads to a life more fulfilled.

Change the question to “how would this decision nourish me?” and you would be creating a deeper connection with your soul’s desires and your life’s purpose.  Going deeper inside and nurturing one’s spirit is going to lead to happiness…. the kind of happiness that all the shiny trinkets in the world can’t buy.

Nourishment encompasses all areas of life, not just the obvious food aspect.  Let’s look at what nourish means.  According to the definition of nourish is as follows:

  1. to sustain with food or nutriment; supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth.
  2. to cherish, foster, keep alive, etc.
  3. to strengthen, build up, or promote.

Can you imagine how amazing and awesome life would become if you self-nourished on a daily basis?  You’d not only be doing the self-care thing (because we must or else we’d wither and die) but you’d be providing what your body-mind-spirit needs to sustain and grow; cherishing yourself; and strengthening your body-mind.

Nourishment is what’s missing from self-care practices.

I know that when I focus on doing what nourishes me, I feel happy.  I feel in flow with life and connected to the Universe.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Do you believe a practice of self-nourishment would lead to your greater happiness?

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