Soul-Path Workbook 2013

Make changes and add magical sparkles to your life!

Soul Path Workbook 2013

Now there’s no need to wait for the New Year to begin walking your soul-path and adding magical sparkles to your life!

This workbook is perfect for you if you want to make changes to your life but prefer to have the workbook now instead of monthly (with extra goodies at the Soul Path Tribe)

The Soul-Path Workbook 2013

The Soul-Path Workbook is your guide to helping you make your life amazing.

It provides the framework for you to make and keep small goals that all take you further along your soul-path.  There is wonderful goddess energy and magical Full Moon Play Dates each month to add spiritual sparkles to your life.

Each month has a goddess-inspired theme

  • Nov 12 – Hecate – Crossroads
  • Dec 12 – Aradia – Magic & Moonlight
  • Jan 13 – Oya – Fiery Determination
  • Feb 13 – Isis – Compassion
  • Mar 13 – Ixchel – Growth
  • Apr 13 – Artemis – Focus & Dedication
  • May 13 – Athena – Strategy
  • Jun 13 – Yemaya – Re-evaluation
  • July 13 – Oshun – Strength
  • Aug 13 – Ishtar – Decisions
  • Sep 13 – Freya – Loyalty
  • Oct 13 – Sekhmet – Gratitude
  • Nov 13 – Coatlicue – Change
  • Dec 13 – White Buffalo Woman – Faith

There are over 200 workbook pages.  You can check them out in this video:

In the Soul Path workbook you’ll find:

2013 Calendar

The Calendar has November and December 2012 as well as 2013.  There are important dates included for you already such as the new and full moons, equinoxes and solstices.


An introduction to the workbook that just tells you a little more about how to use the workbook.

Soul-Path Searching

A Soul-Path Searching workbook section that gets you to ponder where your life currently stands and where you want it to be heading.  Don’t skip this section because without knowing your destination, you can never arrive.

Monthly Soul-Path Steps

These pages include a legend of a goddess for you to ponder and the energy that is flavoured by the goddess for the month.  There’s also a monthly manifesto to complete, karma balance sheets to record good deeds, a Full Moon Play Date to get your magical sparkles flowing and 12 soul-steps to keep you goal-focused.

Want More?

This is an exclusive Facebook group for people who have bought the workbook (or are part of the Soul Path Tribe membership site) for support, friendship, and virtual cheer-leading!

Don’t wait for New Year resolutions to begin making changes in your life.  You’re totally worth the investment now!

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