08 May

Yellow food epidemic on a murky chakra scale

Mondays are my lazy cooking day, and it’s been termed as the ‘everything with chips’ day by the kids. I throw something from the freezer into the oven, serve the kids their ‘whatever’ with chips and then in the evening MrT and I have something quick, like a sandwich and salad.

I give myself the excuse that it’s only once a week but I’m becoming more concerned as I notice that everything I serve on these quick nights is yellow. Not the vibrant yellow of lemons or the appealing yellow of a honeydew melon but a sickly colour that is dull and really a light tan.

It doesn’t matter what I serve up – chicken or fish for my son, or veggie burgers for Tabitha – the colours are all very similar.

And it’s a similar colour to what is served up in fast food establishments and, shall I say, lesser quality restaurants.

When you look at the quick food, it doesn’t really take you long to realise that it’s missing vitality. Compared to the lemon photo, the fast food looks limp and unappetising. I know that when I spend a minute or two thinking about the ‘chips with everything’ meal I serve up to the kids, my senses tell me that there’s something very wrong and not just on a nutritional level.

One of the ways in which we can stimulate or heal our chakras is to feed them with food. If you pick natural foods the same colour as the chakra you want to work upon then you are feeding your energy centres at the same time you are nourishing your body.

The fast food-yellow hovers between the second and third chakras. It’s nourishing neither the solar plexus nor the sacral chakra.

I’ve been pondering on how this food, which is in abundance in our modern day society, influences our energy, emotions, and spiritual bodies.

The orange chakra, the sacral chakra, is concerned with pleasure, sexuality, creativity, and emotions. The yellow chakra, the solar plexus, is associated with power, self-esteem, energy, and responsibility. Murky, in between, fast food colours are not nourishing either of these areas – they are literally just filling belly space.

Taking this one-step further, if neither of these chakra centres is being nurtured with food on a regular basis, then what would the outcome be?

An unbalanced sacral chakra can lead to obsessive attachments including alcohol and drug addictions, emotional instability, denial of pleasure, and lack of healthy sex drive. The solar plexus chakra, when unbalanced, can lead to aggressive behaviour, control issues, low energy, and lack of self-esteem. Add these unhealthy characteristics of the chakras together and you have the negative effects of an over-indulgence in quick food.

It makes you think, doesn’t it? Especially when you can look around your neighbourhood and see a large number of people displaying those behaviours, and a significant number of either fast food restaurants or supermarkets selling the quick frozen food fix.

‘Chips with everything’ night never happened this week. My excuse of wanting something easy on a busy, busy day just can’t justify the potential effects of this weekly routine. Sorry, kids, the chips have gone.

What do you think? Is the colour of fast food an important factor? Do you think fast food and freezer dinners have a wider role to play in society than just physical health? Love to know your thoughts.

08 Jan

Making Good

Unless you’re reading my blog through a reader you would have noticed I’ve changed the design.  New year, new design.  Brighter. Bolder.  I think that’s going to be my motto for this year…. brighter and bolder.  But hopefully brighter as in sparkly and not because I was particularly dim last year ;-)

Anyway, I’m also making good on not procrastinating and actually doing things.  One of the projects which I have been talking about for years (really) and never put into action is a cooking blog.

I cook a lot, usually anything hot and spicy. Even if I do say so myself my spice collection is pretty impressive!

Last summer, after years of dwindling meat consumption, I made the jump to full time vegeterian. This has been challenging mainly because I lost my cooking muse along with the other muses. But she’s back and will be riding shotgun in the kitchen.

If you’d like to see what kind of chaos I get into in my now vegetarian kitchen, come visit me at Witch’s Kitchen

09 Dec

10 Days, No Coffee

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday.  So far this week has passed me by in a flash – didn’t realise life could go this far without coffee!

Last Monday I gave up coffee and if ever there were a week to give up an addictive substance it wasn’t that week.  My elder son delivered pre-teen temper tantrums at regular intervals – it got so bad that by Thursday I couldn’t even say a word to him without him huffing, puffing and generally acting worse than Tabitha.  This was on top of a 3 day caffeine withdrawal headache (I only ever drank 2 cups a day but OMG!) and the approaching time of the month.

My sons went away for the weekend with their Dad and have come back with a brand new attitude.  I am suspecting heavy, heavy bribes to be ‘good to your mother’… whatever happened, it’s worked and it’s not my karma bank going into deficit for bribing sons.

I’m not missing coffee anymore and I’ve even given up drinking tea (the English way).  I’ve tested my will power a few times by going into my favourite cafe and ordering a herbal tea or a fruit juice.

Not being one for doing things by half measures I’ve also cut back on bread (which I love) and cheese (which I also  love).  I could eat cheese sandwiches all day especially if there’s piccalilli in between the slices.  And that’s another thing I’ve stopped eating too.

I’m trying to eat more consciously and listening to what my body is telling me.  I’m feeling thinner and more energetic.  Yay!!