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Last night I was talking at the Southampton Positive Living Group about connecting with goddess energies.  I have been so focused on the qualities of the divine feminine and how to bring those into your life that I’ve missed the obvious: how to initially work with goddesses or goddess energy.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realised how difficult it can be to step into a new spiritual arena.  I’ve spent the past five-years researching and learning about the Divine Feminine so although I’m always learning and experiencing goddess energy in new ways, I’m not unfamiliar with making a connection.

How to work with goddess energy

First you need to have a goddess to connect with.

Sometimes it’s an obvious case of the goddess making herself known in your life and you’ll feel a pull towards a particular goddess.

Other times, it can be a desire to get to know the Divine Feminine better but with no clear idea where that path will lead you.  You have a few choices:

  • Put the intention out into the Universe that you’re open to connecting with the Divine Feminine.  Then follow the signs, synchronicities, and dreams that will follow.
  • Take a guided meditation (there’s a link to a goddess guided meditation you can download in Goddess Rising).
  • Use a goddess oracle to find which goddess would be a good fit for you at this time.
  • Decide on an area of your life that could use a little divine assistance then research goddesses that help in that area.  For example, you might want more passionate love in your life, which would make Aphrodite a good choice.

Research makes a good relationship

Once you have an idea of which goddess you want to work with, research her.  There are going to be some good fits for you and there are going to be others that will not align with your energy.

Getting to know potential spiritual allies before connecting is a good habit to adopt.  Not only for gods or goddesses but any spirit you want to work with.  If you skip the research, you might find you’re on a first date, or worse committed, with an energy that too aggressive, too soft, or too misaligned.

A word of caution: if you’re using oracle cards to source your goddess and you happen to be using Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance oracle, make sure you do your homework and not rely on the little guidebook as your only source of information.  There are a couple of Arthurian heroines thrown into the deck but more importantly, the slant on the stories is a little soft.  Goddesses are not the same as angels.  Repeat: Goddesses are not the same as angels.

Know what’s expected from you

In my experience, finding spiritual partners, even for a brief fling, involves give-and-take.  There are some goddesses that love to help you out without expecting anything in return but for most, an offering is usually expected.

When you work with goddess energy, it’s polite to leave something that the goddess would enjoy.  This is where more research is required or you can trust your intuition will steer you towards something appropriate.  If you’re not sure what to do, you can’t go too wrong with a candle and incense.


Making a goddess connection means developing a relationship and that requires communication.  Talk to the goddess you want to connect with.  Visit her in meditation.  Pay attention to signs, dreams and other meaningful coincidences.

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