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1:1 Wordcraft Coaching

Lyn ThurmanYou want someone to guide you through the maze of writing for a small business website or you want to birth a book into the world.

Either way, you’re looking for help with the practical steps of writing as well as tools to heal the energetic blocks that come up when you choose to honour your heart-soul calling to write.

You want to be heard and you want to be able to express through the written word what’s in your heart and soul.  But perhaps the task of writing for your website is overwhelming or writing a book is too confusing or scary.  Where do you begin? What do you do once you’ve started?  How do you not lose your mojo?

Take a deep breath.

Let’s wordcraft together.

1:1 wordcraft coaching with me is a soulful mix

I blend together:

  • creativity (the sacred art of writing)
  • nourishment (yourself, your ideas, your desires, and your spirit)
  • healing (we tap away blocks that come up.  And they will come up)
  • intuition (because you know what you need to do. Always.)

These four areas, by the way, are the gifts of the divine feminine (your goddess power).  This is a solid foundation but then when you build upwards with action, your writing goals are unstoppable.

You are unstoppable.

Wordcraft coaching packages

I’ve got a coaching package for the soulpreneur who wants her writing to shine and I’ve got you covered you want to write that book you’ve been carrying around inside of you (or perhaps on scraps of paper, notebooks, napkins etc).

Wordcraft Your Website

If you’re ready to birth the words of your website (or re-write what you’ve done already to something more authentic and in alignment with your spirit) and step into the role of business goddess then this writing coaching programme is perfect for you.

Together we cover the fundamentals of website writing plus we go back to basics to make sure you are targeting the right audience.  We start with clarity and we end with heartfelt copy.

It’s not just about words either.  Being a soulpreneur can summon many personal demons – I’m not good enough, no one will hire me, how can I stand out etc – and we work through those too so you can shine your beautiful, bright light harder in the world.

Wordcraft Your Website is a six-week programme.  We meet each week via Skype or Zoom, and you have unlimited access to me throughout the programme.  It’s intense and you’ll need to be committed to doing the work.  But your business is waiting for you to take the next step so let’s not dawdle.  Get your writing out there to show the world what you’ve got!

Contact me for more information.

Wordcraft Your Book

If you’re finally ready to write that book then you need to Wordcraft Your Book.  This coaching package supports you from idea to outline to writing to print.  Plus we tackle energetic blocks that stop the flow of writing such (and, just so you know, we’ve all felt not good enough and not talented enough – you’re not alone).

Wordcraft Your Book is a six-month programme and we’ll meet once a month for a 60-90 minute coaching session via Skype or Zoom.  During this time, you will also have unlimited email access to me for anything that crops up or when you need moral support (think of it like gathering over a virtual cup of tea and a slice of cake).

By the end of our time together, and if you’ve done the work (spoiler: your book won’t write without you), you’ll have a manuscript ready for publication.  I’ve been published by a traditional publishing company and I have self-published (I did everything including the artwork but minus the final edit) and I’ll share what I know to make your own writer’s journey smoother.

Wordcraft Your Book includes a first draft edit of your manuscript plus a final edit.

Contact me for more information.