Business is sacred and writing is pure magic.

I help women discover their authentic writer’s voice, craft words & websites that resonate, and find their soul in business.

Lyn Thurman

You have a deep soul calling to be of service in the world.  You have gifts to share and you desire a soulful, successful small business or you want to write. Maybe it’s both.

Your business, as well as your life, is a heart-soul expression.

To share this beautiful, soul-calling with the world you need words.  Authentic words that tell your story, words to resonate with your readers, and words to invite clients to experience your gifts.

You also need to have a framework in place to attract and deliver: website pages, sales copy, blog posts, newsletters, opt-in offers, and social media posts.

It can be confusing and overwhelming.

Where do you begin? How do you not become bland and boring, or lose your authenticity? How do you do it all without losing your mind?

This is where I help you.

I mix together my writing and editing skills with a generous splash of decade-long, practical online business experience. Stir in spirituality, tap it with EFT, and you’ve got an approach that’s a little bit like magic.

I can’t promise:

  • You’ll be an overnight success
  • You’ll go from zero to six-figures in 2.9 seconds
  • You’ll have Oprah Winfrey inviting you to lunch
  • It will be easy

But you will have words that resonate with you, with the spirit of your business and with your clients.  And that will make you feel good.  Perhaps even awesome.

You can work with me or learn from me.

Or you can hire me to be your word alchemist.

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