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You can preorder the Animal Spirits of the Sacred Isles 80-card oracle deck at special Kickstarter price of £42 plus p&p until 21st February.  Payment is via PayPal.  The oracle deck, which comes with a tuck box and digital guide, will be sent to you by May 2023.

Lyn Thurman

Soul awakening
in challenging times

I’m Lyn Thurman and I’d be honoured to be your guide as we venture through these interesting times.

More and more people are looking for direction as their souls awaken and their spirit guides them to find fulfilment in a world that appears to offer anything but that.

I believe that all change happens inside.  It is the only place you can find deep spiritual connection, love, peace, and joy.  And it’s available to everyone with no exception.

Let’s journey together to explore the inner alchemy of the soul and see what magic we can create!


“It’s mind blowing when you look up, rather than down, and realise just how tiny you are; just a little heart beating in a sliver of time from eternity.  And yet, you’re part of the Universe – made from vibrating cosmic energy just like those twinkling stars light-years away. You, me, and everything – all connected.” ~ from The Inner Goddess Revolution

About me

You’ll often find me at the water’s edge, contemplating the majesty of the ocean and the vastness of the sky.

I’m an author, spiritual life coach, initiated priestess, tarot & oracle creator, and moon-gazer. My work is all about helping people connect with their own inner magic and power, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what I do.

I live in beautiful North Wales, and I’m constantly in awe of the beauty of life.

Pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea and get to know me better

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