Follow me on Instagram or Facebook and you’ll see a steady supply of sea photos.  It wasn’t difficult to channel the spirit of the sea for inspiration for my Sea Whispers Oracle. I am by the sea as often as possible.

The sea is wild power, healing, hidden depths, mystery and life itself.

The spirit or Goddess of the sea is all that plus more.

When you’re only a 10-minute drive from the beach it’s easy to connect. Hearing the cries of the seagulls, feeling the sea breeze and breathing in the salt air puts you in a state of connection.

You feel the presence of the sea.

She tangles in your hair, she fills your lungs and if you venture to the water’s edge, she will baptise you.

But how can you connect with the sea if you are landlocked?

When you can’t get to the sea, you can call the spirit of the sea to you.

You can still benefit from a sea connection and the spirit of the sea will respond (she is good like that).

Create a sea altar

You can make your sacred space a place to connect with the spirit of the sea by placing a bowl of water with sea salt added on your altar. Add a sea photo and some ethically sourced shells to complete the feeling of sea-connection.

Listen to a shell

Do you remember holding up shells to your ear as a kid and being amazed that you could hear the waves? Yes? Well do that again!

Find a largish sea shell (again, make sure it is from an ethical source) and spend a few minutes listening to the sea whispers.

Drink water with intention

Water is in a constant flow.

The water in the ocean was once a drop of rain or tumbling down a stream from a mountain top or gushing out of your kitchen tap.  You can’t drink sea water but you can enjoy a glass of water knowing that it has, at one point, been part of the ocean.

If you want to connect to the spirit of the sea, hold the intention that with every sip you take, you are closer to divine sea energy.

Take a sea salt bath

You can buy sea salt from the supermarket.

Run bath, throw a very generous handful of sea salt into the tub, lay back and relax.

Watch a YouTube!

There are crazy people like me who video the sea and they put it on YouTube.  A few minutes of watching waves lap on the shore with have you in an ocean frame of mind.

And finally, if you want to connect to the spirit of the sea through divination, check out my Sea Whispers Oracle.

Lyn Thurman