All tarot and oracle decks are special in their own right, that’s probably why my collection contains over 100 of them, but I must admit that I have a special place in my heart for Goddess decks.

I think that it’s because Goddess decks emphasise the best qualities of women.  You know the ones, they are the powers that we are rightly proud of possessing, and men simply cannot do without, including sexiness, compassion, wisdom and strong emotions.

There are a fair variety of Goddess decks out there but here are six of my favourites:

Ancient Feminine wisdom

This Ancient Feminine Wisdom oracle emphasises femininity using Greek mythology and it contains both Goddesses and heroines.

The beautiful artwork is by Kay Steventon, who also created the Spiral tarot and the Celestial tarot (other favourites of mine!).

Goddess Guidance

This, as most of you probably know, is one of the oracle decks designed by Doreen Virtue.

The little book that comes with the Goddess Guidance oracle is a bit on the fluffy side, but the messages are uplifting and the artwork, which consists of goddesses from various cultures, is vibrant.

One of the lovely things about this oracle deck is that it comes in a very sturdy box.

The Goddess Oracle

This one, I really love.  A single artist, who truly captures the various goddesses as I imagine them, does all the artwork.  I have the book that accompanies the deck but I never use it.  I found the cards of the Goddess Oracle are enough to inspire on their own.

My favourite card is Uzume, a Japanese goddess whose laughter brought the sun out of hiding.

Oracle of the Grail Code

This is a very well done book and deck set that focuses on worshipping the divine feminine in all her aspects.  The Oracle of the Grail Code explores the sometimes neglected feminine aspect of the grail legends.

The Goddess Tarot

This multi cultural goddess Tarot deck is a Rider Waite clone.  The artwork is warm and has a very positive energy.  Kris Waldherr’s Goddess tarot is somewhat of a classic and a must-have for those who follow a Goddess inspired path.

The only small complaint I have is that the minor arcana does not contain the names of goddesses on the cards.  However, that’s just my minor grumble.  You can also get the Goddess tarot app.

Goddesses and Sirens

This fantastic oracle set has cards depicting multi cultural goddesses and heroines and a marvellously written little white book that has a ritual for working with each of the goddesses.

Working with the Goddesses and Sirens oracle deck really gives you a sense of the strength and power behind the Divine Feminine.

Those are my 6 favourite Goddess decks.  What are yours?