With it being Good Friday and tales of resurrection (the first recorded zombie rising, perhaps?) buzzing in the air AND maybe my slight obsession with zombies (again), I’ve been thinking about what I’ll need when The Walking Dead is no longer fiction.

You can tell, I’ve given it serious thought and here are 7 essentials we’ll need to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Solar powered Kindle charger

Obviously, I won’t be able to pack all my books in a zombie apocalypse scenario so I’d have to pack my Kindle. And to get over the problem of no electricity, people have already thought of that predicament and created a solar powered Kindle charger. Hooray!

solar-kindle-lighted-cover-285x400 (1)

Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural

I need Sam and Dean to protect me because it’s a known fact I’d be rubbish in a zombie apocalypse. They save the world each week from supernatural nasties so they’d be my choice of bodyguards.  Actually I might not need my solar powered Kindle charger if the boys were on Team Thurman.  I’d probably never need anything else ever again *sigh*.


Cake mix

I know you’re probably thinking that there’s no way I’ll be eating cake in a zombie apocalypse because there’d be no fuel for ovens but some clever-clogs has been experimenting with cake baking and barbecues.  Chocolate cake can be cooked on a barbecue – we’re all saved!

Chocolate Cake Mx

Eau de Death cologne

Eventually it will dawn on me that Supernatural is fictional and I’ll be need another clever plan to avoid being zombie fodder. The American Chemical Society realised that there weren’t enough Winchesters to go around and formulated a life-saving perfume. A few squirts of Eau de Death and zombies won’t be able to smell you and you can go about your post-apocalypse business without attracting an undead horde.

Wonder Woman onesie

I don’t think there’s any point surviving the zombie apocalypse if you can’t pretend to be heroic and nothing says kick-ass heroine more than a Wonder Woman onesie.  Zip up, comfy down, and be the envy of all your friends.

Wonder Woman Onesie

Zombie sleep mask

The beauty of a zombie sleep mask is that you can stylishly combine it with your Wonder Woman onesie. If a zombie should stumble on you when you’re asleep, the mask will convincingly fool the zombie into thinking you’re dead already.


Zombie antidote

There might be times when I can’t run away quickly (I admit, I don’t run anywhere at any time) but that’s okay because if I should be bitten, there’s an antidote for that.  Get your antidote from Etsy.

Photo copyright Little Gem Girl  - visit the shop :-) https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LittleGemGirl

Photo copyright Little Gem Girl – https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LittleGemGirl

I think I’ve got it covered for the zombie apocalypse but what will you be packing?