Last year the UK had the dubious honour of being visited by the current Pope and I ranted a little about the visit.

I don’t consider myself to be irrational but I have a great dislike for the Pope. I’ve never met him, never intend to meet him and he has no direct impact on my life whatsoever. Every time the media flashes up his photo, I get the urge to turn away.  There is something about his mere image which makes me feel like I’ve just taken a shower in dark, green slime.

I just don’t get any good spiritual vibes from him and I can’t help but feel there is something sinister lurking underneath the holy exterior.

It doesn’t help that he has been involved indirectly, at least as far as we know, with child sex abuse scandals in the Catholic church for over 30 years.  Most of this time, he did nothing but move paedophile priests away from their victims to another location.

I’m sure any sensible person, like yourself, is asking “why do that?”.

In a previous statement he claimed:

“These revelations were a shock for me, a great sadness. It is difficult to understand how this perversion of the priestly ministry was possible.”

And yet now he claims:

“In the 1970s, paedophilia was theorised as something fully in conformity with man and even with children.”

There is no way, not now, not ever, I would ever leave my children for a second in the care of the Pope Benedict. And, if I’m honest, I wouldn’t let them be alone with any Catholic priest, which is quite sad really because there are probably only a few bad apples in the cart. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the biggest, rotten apple is at the top of the tree.