Kind Words

“I’m in the middle of reading this [reading] and I just have to stop and tell you how good you are.  Thank you, Lyn.  I am deeply, deeply grateful for your wisdom and insight.” (Intuitive Reading)

Traci M.

“I’m so sad to see it end. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. It has been a great soul searching journey.” (writing coaching/mentoring)

Nikki D

“I want to thank you for the reading, Lyn, it confirms what I have come to believe.  I have to tell you how freakin’ spot on you are.” (Intuitive Reading)

Julie Parker

“Thanks again for this reading! It motivates me to keep going and pursue my dream with even more dedication.” (Intuitive Reading)

Hannah K.

“Highly recommend. I’m in Australia, was scary in its accuracy.” (Intuitive Reading)

Tess C.

“Thank you!  This is such an enlightening approach, you are an inspiration.” (Coaching/Mentoring)

Colleen H.

“My experience with Lyn allowed me to crawl out of the downward spiral a bout of chronic pain put me in and get back to feeling like a functioning person again.  I would highly recommend one of her tapping sessions to anyone looking to work on their physical or emotional blocks.  It has definitely been […]

Brandi Fletcher

“First of all, I just have to say what an insightful reading that was.  On top of that it was very well written.  I really appreciate you doing that for me and it helped me a lot.  I know I’m going to be okay no matter what….but it helps to have the confirmation.  Sometimes it’s easy to panic.” (Intuitive Reading)

Wendy S.

“I really appreciate the guidance and emotional support. It was really a different view when I think about myself already as a writer.  And somehow, I managed to get my first blog created! I am loving myself more every day, by doing things I love.” (coaching/mentoring)

Sheau Yee

“Thanks, Lyn.  That’s a lot to absorb, but on the first two reads, your intuition seems incredible.” (Intuitive Reading)

Lisa K.

“I wanted to start writing a blog about what I do for a living but I wasn’t sure where to start and felt a bit nervous about ‘putting myself out there’. Lyn sent me this fantastic 5-day writing challenge (I did it in one day I loved it so much), a week later I posted […]

Melinda Annear

“It’s brilliant! I took Lyn’s suggestions on EFT and I feel very calm. I’ve been so calm about the money situation since I really worked through it and focused and made some of those changes you suggested.” (EFT/Heal Your Body Mind)

Dee H.

“As usual, your reading was spot on and amazing. Thank you!” (Intuitive Reading)

Kathryn Odell

“I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support.  I have learnt a lot, and I will follow you on Facebook, your blog and anywhere else I can get a ‘dose’ of you.”

Sue W.

“Thank you for the most beautiful and spot on reading dear Lyn. Great confirmation for the journey ahead to more happiness-awareness. You are so gifted.” (Intuitive Reading)

Sandra ten Hoppe

“EFT Tapping: never tried it until yesterday, but I can tell you IT REALLY WORKS! Slept like a baby aferwards and had no nightmares – something that happens hardly ever. So a big big thank you to Lyn Thurman and I can only say: book a session.” (EFT/Heal Your Body Mind)

Suzanne van Vliet-Struik