I’ve started writing again. Not because I feel I should write but because I want to write. I’m inspired (at least, I am right now). To be honest, I haven’t wanted to share very much of myself for a long time. No blogging. No newsletters. No books.

I’ve been wrapped up in my introversion.

Hiding away because life seems too loud. And I haven’t felt as if I had anything to contribute to an already noisy world.

Strangely, though, I’ve enjoyed giving talks.

These no longer give me headaches or leave me so exhausted I have to take a nap when I get home. Until very recently, I would also spend the night before restless or just awake. Not consciously worried but obviously something in my subconscious would be reminding me that I would soon be speaking in front of a room full of strangers and I really shouldn’t mess it up.

My recent talks have been on the history of witchcraft.

For the past year or so, I’ve been researching witchcraft, particularly how historical witchcraft relates to modern practices. I’ve been following threads fraying from my own beliefs and weaving them into a tapestry – finding something that sits well with me. This is actually where being an introvert is a huge asset because I am quite happy to research for hours/days on end while internally questioning my own views and beliefs.

I have notes. Lots of notes.

They formed themselves quite nicely into a History of Witchcraft talk and now they’re shuffling themselves into a book.

I’ve been planing to write another book for the past three years. An idea has been following me about but I didn’t know how to flesh it out into a book. So I ignored it. And then felt guilty because I felt I should be writing (writer’s guilt is a thing).

The truth is that I just needed to take all the steps so far, which may have appeared to be procrastination, to get to a point where the book wants to write itself. The hours of research have answered questions that I’ve been asking and I have clarity. I have a book outline. I also have an outline for a course/workshop based on my own practices, beliefs and research.

Best of all, I have 7,190 words of Rewilding the Witch.

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