Although science is yet to prove the existence of chakras, the non-muggle world happily accepts there are invisible spinning wheels of energy hovering in, or just above, our bodies.  There are seven main chakras – root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third-eye and crown – and each one is associated with specific body-mind-spirit conditions.

If your chakras are balanced then life is good.  But when our energy centres are out of balance then all kinds of unpleasantness begins to show up in our lives, thoughts, emotions or bodies.

I have long suspected that for most people, the imbalances lie in the lower chakras because life is too fast paced and too stressful.  We are just not built to live at such a fast pace.  Anyhoo, it was only a suspicion but I wanted to know (not just because I’m nosy but I want the data for the next book I’m writing) if it could be right.

I put a request for volunteers on my Facebook page and 85 lovely people gave me permission to link into their energy and check their chakras to see which ones were balanced and which ones were going a bit wonky.

How I checked the volunteers’ chakras

Obviously this experiment has no basis on science or anything that can be ‘officially’ proven.  I did not wear a white lab coat to conduct the experiment, nor did I have a lab to wear a coat in.  I used a pendulum and sat in my living room.

First, I created a spreadsheet of all the people’s names as they appeared on my Facebook page.  This is what I used to make my connection with each volunteer.

When it comes to energy work, you can work remotely just as effectively as if a person were in the same room as you.  As long as you keep the intention and focus time, space or distance should not be barriers.

Volunteer facts:  85 people gave me permission to link in with their energy.  A few people on my volunteer list I have met in person but the majority I have not. Most were female. The experiment was open to anyone, anywhere but I believe most volunteers were from the UK and North America.

I spent an afternoon going through every name on the list and remotely checking the volunteer’s seven main chakras to see if they were balanced.  I recorded the data in the spreadsheet.

The Chakra Experiment Results

The results are a snapshot of a person’s energy during the afternoon (UK time) on 17th January 2017.  Energy is in constant flow so the results are not permanent indicators – we can change our energy with healing, positive thinking, better nutrition etc.

Not a single person had perfectly balanced chakras, nor did anyone have all imbalanced chakras.

11.8% had one chakra imbalanced.

18.8% had two chakras imbalanced.

28.2% had three chakras imbalanced

24.7%4 had four chakras imbalanced.

16.5%  had five chakras imbalanced.

0% had zero, six or seven chakras imbalanced.

Out of the seven major chakras, these are the order of imbalances with the percentage of people experiencing imbalance in that chakra:

Solar plexus chakra (59%)

Root chakra (58%)

Throat chakra (51%)

Sacral chakra (46%)

Heart chakra (42%)

Third-eye chakra (39%)

Crown chakra (21%)

As you can see from my volunteers, more than half are wandering around with solar plexus and root chakra imbalances.  Stress, feeling powerless, overwhelmed and unsettled would be common problems.

I’d like to thank everyone who let me snoop into their energy field for a brief time.

Lyn Thurman

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