Day 8 – Tuesday 31st March 2020

We took a beach walk this morning.  We see very few people and have wide stretches of the beach to ourselves.  The car park has been closed by the beach to stop people driving and then walking.  It’s only a ten minute walk for us, which makes me even more grateful for being here.  I don’t think I will ever stop being grateful.

I felt really tired after lunch.  I think my body is beginning to destress from all the moving malarkey.  I put on my PJs and took a long nap.  I didn’t get up until 6pm, and it felt good to be able to do what my body needed rather than push through a long ‘to do’ list. 

I cooked dinner (Jamaican curry with rice), had a bath, watched a little catch-up TV with Paul and then went to bed to write.

Day 9 – Wednesday 1st April 2020

Tabby, my daughter, has been a tremendous help during our move. She has wanted an Xbox 360 for a while so I ordered one for her. It will be new to her – I don’t even think they make them anymore. She’s over the moon. Now to wait for the postman to come.

I looked on Facebook Marketplace and found some games for her. The seller happened to be just at the end of our road (on our way to the supermarket) and the niece of the lady who owned our house. It’s very weird carrying out transactions by taking things left on the doorstep and posting money through the door. There’s a level of trust you wouldn’t have seen a month ago.

We received sad news this evening. My father-in-law in the States passed away yesterday. He’d become fragile and muddled recently but also experienced some discomfort breathing. He was taken into hospital, tested for coronavirus but died a couple of hours later. The results are pending.

There was no time for goodbyes and I’m not sure how California currently stands of funerals. There is little we can do this side of the Pond and a feeling of helplessness has settled over us.

Day 10 – Thursday 2nd April 2020

Apart from shopping and our daily walk to the beach, the only other thing that happened today was talking to my friend Allison Marlowe. We run the 13 Moons Women’s Circle together and usually we’d meet up at the Alverstoke Hotel for peppermint tea and a chat to plan the next circle. As I’m now in Wales, and we’re on lockdown, that wasn’t going to happen this month.

I didn’t think I’d be attending this month’s circle but we moved it to Zoom. We can still all meet while not actually being able to physically share space together. We’d planned to create a virtual circle at some point but coronavirus has made it happen sooner rather than later.

Day 11 – Friday 3rd April 2020

I wrote the workbook for tomorrow’s 13 Moons circle. The theme is pleasure, which I find very timely in these interesting circumstances. I was intuitively drawn to The Empress in tarot and how her pleasures are earthy and sensuous. There’s no great expense or glamour needed for The Empress’ pleasures.

I am finding pleasure in lockdown.

My daily walks by the sea are balm to my soul and the sea never refuses an opportunity to pose for my photos. Meals are still spent on the floor and around a plastic box for a table as we still have no furniture. Tabby often helps me cook as part of her home education (although I think this is important anyway). I look forward to a hot bath at the end of the day.

Day 12 – Saturday 4th April 2020

I very much enjoyed our first virtual women’s circle today. I’m very grateful for technology that can connect me in Wales to my circle sisters in Hampshire. Great to see everyone and with very little technical mishaps.

During each circle at The Yoga Shed in Wickham, I’ve been taking a photo of the garden through the window to watch the seasons change. Today, I took a photo through the living room instead. Not a beautiful garden but the seasons change regardless!

We took a walk by the sea after my Zoom call, which replaced my early evening, after-circle lime and soda with Allison. I’m going to miss her so much.

Day 13 – Sunday 5th April 2020

Not much happened today. We played Scattergories, ate meals together, went for a walk, and did very little else. Yet, it was a good day. Satisfying and full, with no fuss.

 I did write an article for Patheos Pagan: Witchcraft on Lockdown.

Day 14 – Monday 6th April 2020

My daughter’s Xbox arrived. The plan was for her to connect it up to her laptop monitor but like all good plans, it went pear shaped. I didn’t research the connection myself, trusting Tabby had done so. It turns out that you can’t connect it to a laptop and you need stand alone monitor or TV. The problem being that we have only one TV. Facebook Marketplace came to the rescue again (and for only £25).

In other, non Xbox news, the Spring issue of the Mystic Rebel magazine came out today. It’s a free digital magazine that we publish through the Quiet Rebel Bureau and in collaboration with Mystic River Lounge. You can get your copy by signing up at Mystic Rebel Promotions.

It was a very busy day as we had to go food shopping too. Paul and I finished the day with an evening walk on the beach under an almost full moon.

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