Day 15 – 7th April 2020

We’re beginning to find a pattern in lockdown. There’s a gentle flow, which reminds me of being on holiday. And just like being on holiday, the days seem to pass fully and quickly without the aid of much work. I like the slow pace. I like less noise and less cars.

It was a beautiful day today and so warm that we wore t-shirt-shirts on our beach walk. Felt so good to feel sunshine on bare skin. Spring has arrived.

I spent quite a lot of time reflecting on what I really want to do to make a living (and, I hope, a difference). A huge reason for moving to Wales was to step back from normal busy-ness of life and find a sense of inner peace: to be less stressed, to be more connected, to do things differently. Old patterns can creep back so I must be conscious of what I choose to create from this point forward.

Day 16 – 8th April 2020

Another long walk on the beach and again with gorgeous weather. Not that I mind going to the sea in any weather but after a particularly soggy winter, I’m happy for the sun. A little too happy perhaps as I now glow red.

I had everything planned for dinner except I forgot potatoes, which just happened to be the main ingredient. The local convenience shop was sold out, although the shopkeeper did a wonderful job of trying to persuade me to buy mashed potato. Sadly for him, he didn’t know the extent of my loathing for mashed potato.

Tabby and I set out for the supermarket on a potato finding mission. Success! But the penalty was that I’m even redder.

Day 17 – 9th April 2020

Every day there is a set of non-negotiables: walk for exercise (which is pure enjoyment of being by the sea), home yoga practice and eating meals together as a family (still on the floor).  Cooking and shopping are added as and when. I usually cook every other day and shopping twice a week (unless I forget potatoes).

Today was a normal day with the exception we gathered together to choose recipes for the next few days. Super grateful for the food websites as I’d given all my recipe books away.

Day 18 – 10th April 2020

Today revolved around food: buying it, cooking it, eating it.

Day 19 – 11th April 2020

Made the mistake of underestimating the strength of the midday sun and overestimating my resilience to sunshine and warm weather. We walked miles along the sandy beach but by the time we got home, I wasn’t feeling so good. Took a cold shower to cool down, had lunch and then slept all afternoon.

Day 20 – 12th April 2020

Today was overcast, which made walking more pleasant for me. And, moody clouds make for great photos.

I’ve never made sushi before so we all made it for lunch. We made sushi rolls rather than the bite-sized sushi bits you can buy in the shops. It was a lot of fun for me and Paul but Tabby found it stressful initially. She panics at anything creative and sushi rolls were no exception. She did great though. Loved lunch!

I spent most of the afternoon writing and battling with technology.

Day 21 – 13th April 2020

It’s the final day of the Easter long weekend. Usually, and especially if the weather is nice, it’s busy. Doesn’t matter where you go, you’ll see people. Today, the beach was empty. I have no trouble social distancing.

The tide was coming in today and it can come in fast. I never noticed this so much back in Hampshire so now I check the tide before going out.

Tabby almost got caught out by the swiftness of the incoming tide. She got her foot stuck in sand and couldn’t pull it out. She did something similar when we went to a waterfall last September. I guess some lessons require more than once to learn. Anyway, she pulled her foot out, minus the shoe, and got back to safety.

The afternoon consisted of washing her sandy clothes and trainers (missing shoe was retrieved) then playing card Monopoly. I lost.

I began writing down notes and ideas for a project. Not sure if it will be a book or course yet as I have yet to write a sizeable chunk of Rewilding the Witch. But sea witchery has been calling me for what seems like a lifetime.

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