Days 22 to 28

Tuesday 14th to Monday 20th April 2020

The days have all begun to blur into one, with little variation between them. I’m happy though. I go to bed feeling grateful and content each night – it’s just that there’s not much to report.

I kicked off this lockdown week by deciding to lose weight. Last week, I felt completely happy in my skin and decided I would rejoice in the puppy fat I am yet to shed. I’ve managed to hang on to it for 47 years and I saw no reason why I shouldn’t keep it, especially as it’s easily maintained by eating chocolate digestive biscuits.

My left hip has been giving me a few problems lately so I decided to lose a few (or many) pounds to see if that will help. My right knee often joins in with the stiffness – it’s been temperamental ever since I tripped over a paving slab in London many years ago and twisted it (knee, not paving slab).

My plan is only to give up the aforementioned chocolate digestives and crisps. I’d taken to comfort eating during lockdown.

I’m still doing my home yoga practice every day (haven’t missed a day since July last year) and I’m walking on average 4.5 miles a day. I think I’m more active thanks to all the beach walks than I have been in a long time. I don’t intend to stop which is why I want my hip to feel better.

Apart from the daily yoga, walking and eating, I have:

  • Discovered a puncture on the car and had to get a new tyre.
  • Been writing my book about sea witchery.
  • Cooked a lot!
  • Fed the ducks that live under the bridge.
  • Started an online course.
  • Walked over 30 miles this week.
  • Taken about a hundred photos, mainly of seascapes.
  • Cut my daughter’s hair. It was the most terrifying hour of my life. Thankfully, she loves it. I think I’m still shaking from the experience.

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