Days 29 to 35

Tuesday 21st to Monday 27th April 2020

This week has been dominated by walking and beach combing. We’re walking further each day and as long as the tide is low, we’re on the beach.

This highlight was seeing a seal in the sea at high tide as we walked west towards Rhyl. I was ridiculously excited. I’ve never seen a seal in the sea before and while I knew they’d been spotted along the coast, I didn’t think I’d be lucky to see one.

The seal is extra special to me as it’s my animal guide. A couple of years ago, I journeyed to find my animal helper and saw the seal swimming in seaweed near my legs. I wasn’t expecting a marine animal – I thought maybe a dog would show. Last year, I bought a frame drum and dedicated it to the spirit of the seal.

Our walks along the beach have yielded other treasures too: washed up pieces of slate I’m now using as a mini altar, beautiful shells and new knowledge on the animals in and around the coast. We’ve found a couple of dead dogfish, mermaid purses, a washed up jellyfish, sea gooseberries and sea potatoes!

Sadly, we also find plastic bags, beer cans, drink bottles and dog poo bags along the beach. We pick up rubbish as we find it and sometimes have to carry it a couple of miles until we reach a bin.

The worst find this week was a large plastic bag from the NSPCC, used to collect donations. I hate these bags. I’m all for charitable donations but I feel charities are part of the ecological problem when they stuff plastic bags through letter boxes without asking permission. That’s a lot of plastic bags. Back in Hampshire, we were receiving one or two of these bags weekly. I think the government should toughen up and insist all bags are biodegradable, especially the dog poo bags.

Rant over.

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