Whenever I turn on the TV I can almost guarantee there’s a re-run of Ghost Hunters.  As most of the programmes on TV are complete rubbish  I do occasionally indulge in some Ghost Hunters (but not Ghost Adventures… that makes me laugh).

The last episode I watched was when the TAPS team went to investigate a reportedly haunted music school, the Hartford Conservatory, in Conneticut.  One of the students had seen what he thought to be a Victorian lady walk up the stairs in the building.  In a blink of an eye she was gone.  The team didn’t find anything paranormal at the school so they wrote the sighting off.

It wasn’t the most impressive episode but it did get me thinking about ghosts and how most sightings are not of modern day people.  It’s almost expected that a ghost has a long, flowing dress or breeches and buckles.  You don’t often hear about someone being scared half to death because they bumped into a phantom 1960s hippy wearing a tie-dye t-shirt and flowers in their hair.

I’m lucky to live in a country which isn’t short on ghost tales and haunted locations.  As I potter my way around Britain I’m always eager to learn about paranormal events but I’m yet to visit a place where any possible ghosts are ‘young’.  I’ve been to places where Roman soldiers have been seen, Henry VIII and several wives have been spotted and medieval archers were observed praying.

You’d think that the relatively newly deceased would be seen from time to time.  Where are Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe?

My theory, and it’s a little rough around the edges, is that we don’t make modern day ghosts too often anymore because our homes and buildings are generally not built with enough natural materials to hold the energy.  Then add in all the electro-magnetic pollution we drench ourselves in and voila! No more ghosts in the making.

Do you know any ‘young’ ghost sightings?  Do you have a theory?  And can you watch Ghost Adventures without laughing?  Really?