Beautiful versions of brokenness

Beautiful Versions of Brokenness

“There is no perfection, only beautiful versions of brokenness.” Shannon L. Alder

The world seems a little more broken this week after the suicide bombing in Manchester.  My heart broke then my spirit called me to write.

The theme of brokenness has followed me around this week.

During a Heal Your Body-Mind session with a client, I witnessed the distress of feeling broken.  An intense internal pressure compels us to show only our best sides and to hide away our brokenness.

Brokenness: secrets, shame, guilt, mistakes, addictions…the things we’re not proud to admit.

Trying to hold the cracks together hurts.

Recently, I find myself talking about my brokenness. The scar on my right hand has been a reminder for over 2-decades of the depth of emotional distress inside that could only release by scratching my skin away with my car keys.  I’ve bled out my pain at times when it’s been too much to keep inside.

Self-harm, I see you.

Emotional over-eating, I see you.

Depression, I see you.

Inadequacy at motherhood, I see you.

Shame of family estrangement, I see you.

In those moments of raw vulnerability when we show our brokenness, we can heal.

The judgement we fear from others disappears when we realise we have judged ourselves far harsher than any other person would.  And rather than the brokenness making us less, it makes us more.

We can find strength in the cracks. What’s broken inside of me, is broken in someone else too.

We all can relate to brokenness.  The image of perfection we feel we have to portray or else be ostracised is a shallow, sterile version of you.

Show the cracks, own your brokenness: you are beautiful because of it.

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