At the end of September, I spent four days in North Wales as a mini break to celebrate my husband’s birthday. As in my usual fashion whenever we go away (which has been seldom over recent years), I packed as much as I could in our time as was humanly possible.

If we weren’t exhausted (and with blisters on our feet) when we got back to the caravan we were renting, I had not done my job well.

We visited a copper mine, took beach walks and photos of abandoned lighthouses at sunset, walked up gorgeous waterfalls, found vegan food in unexpeced places, took a pilgrimage to a sacred well, and stopped by Llyn Tegid in Bala.

Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake) is a large lake in Wales, nestled under the mountains of Snowdonia. It’s deep, both in dimension and in legends. It’s the location where Cerridwen stirred her magic cauldron to conjure a brew to make her son full of wisdom. It didn’t work out as she’d planned. The boy stirring the cauldron gained the wisdom and her son remained ugly (the wisdom was meant to compensate for his lack of good looks).

Llyn Tegid is beautiful. On the day we visited, it was peaceful and the only other living creatures we saw were the cows near where I parked the car.

We walked around for a while and then stopped to admire the scenery. As my husband and daughter went looking for interesting stones (as you do, or as least, as we do), I sat down and stared over the lake.

It was so calm. A stark contrast to the previous month of non-stop working and the anticipation of the forthcoming month of more of the same.

I breathed in the serenity.

I felt peace wash over me, perhaps it was Cerridwen’s magic from her long-gone cauldron.

In that moment, I was just being.

At peace. Present. Connected.

And I realised I didn’t want that feeling to end.

However,end it did because I had a full itinery in Wales (l would make an excellent tour organiser) and an even fuller life to get back to in England.

Full but not always fulfilling. Busy but not always productive. Little time to just be.

The feeling at the lake stayed with me.

The next day as we strolled along a wide, sandy beach and looked out over the Irish sea, I told my husband how I felt.

“What if there’s a way to have more of that feeling?” I asked. “What if we didn’t have to feel so pressured all the time to make enough money for the mortgage and bills each month? What it we could have more space in our lives to just be?”

I had his attention.

I planted the seed and waited for a reaction: “Property is cheaper here than back home. We could move to Wales and be free of debts and the mortgage.”

And with that, a doorway opened.

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