Goddess Rising

Goddess Rising: Journey with 52-goddesses to awaken your spirit & enrich your life

Goddess Rising by Lyn ThurmanGoddess Rising invites you to reconnect with the Divine Feminine by introducing you to 52-goddesses from around the world.  Let Egyptian goddess Isis introduce you to magic and Slavic Baba Yaga is waiting for you to take a risk to find her.  Inanna, with her descent to the underworld, shows you strength and Lakshmi brings abundance.  Remember your passions with Hawaiian Pele and face your fears with demon-destroying Kali.

As you learn the stories of the goddesses, you will discover how the gifts of the Divine Feminine are relevant in your own life.  You’ll understand yourself on a deeper level, find confidence in pursuing a life of greater meaning, connect with the cycles of nature, and maybe even find a patron goddess to guide you in the process.

Each goddess has a story to share, guidance to give, journal prompts, and a creative activity or ritual.

What others are saying

“I have to say it is thought providing, searching, reaching and deep, while remaining simple and lighthearted in its approach. Simply stunning!   The information and stories are intriguing and encourage you to dig deeper into the story with each goddess in her own right. And the write it out and creative sections are brilliant.”
Nici Gorman, The British Barefoot Mediums

Finally a book about Goddess that is written as if a friend were chatting to you about something they are passionate about. Using real language, it makes it accessible without making you feel like you have passed into fairy land. With a variety of options and encouragement to ‘make your own way’- it leads rather than dictates. Easy to read without talking down to you. Great information, fun and light but also enlightening.”
Tess Clark

Lyn Thurman’s book Goddess Rising is a fantastic guide to reconnect with the Divine Feminine and restore the balance between the divine masculine and the devine feminine in you. Personally, I read it cover to cover but it’s possible to use this on a one Goddess per week basis. In addition to the great advice and messages from each Goddess, I love that it also introduces you to each Goddess, her powers and history. I also love that she looks at both the light and the dark side, and that she prompts you to go deeper with journal prompts and affirmations. Start your journey toward a more balanced and happier you today.
Linda Ursin

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