The Inner Goddess Revolution

The Inner Goddess Revolution: a practical and spiritual guide for women who want more from life.

The Inner Goddess Revolution by Lyn ThurmanIf you want to take control of your life and unleash your inner goddess then you need this book.  It’s a guide for you to reclaim your spirit and rekindle the fire in your soul.

Start your own inner goddess revolution and be the change!

Viva la revolution!

Lovely things said…

“From the second I started reading The Inner Goddess Revolution I was totally mesmerised by this incredible book. Looking at every aspect of connecting to goddess inside every woman, it’s an holistic guide that will allow you to focus at each part of your life in turn. Peppered with personal anecdotes, the book is written in a very friendly style that makes you feel as if you’re having a chat with your best friend. As you make your way through each inspiring paragraph you really start to feel your inner goddess bouncing up and down with joy. This book makes you feel inspired, powerful and able to climb a mountain if you so wished! Who runs the world? Women do. Let your inner goddess roar loud and proud!”

~ Katie Golby, author of Chasing Rainbows


“Are you hearing the whispers of your inner goddess? In this wonderful book, Lyn takes you on a journey of personal experience and provides you with easy to use tools to connect with your inner goddess. You learn to hear those whispers and fall in love with your goddess self, embrace your uniqueness and understand that we are all part of the divine feminine. A delight to read and a glorious invitation to awaken your inner goddess.

~ Sam Livermore


Clear, insightful, empowering and engaging, The Inner Goddess Revolution is more than your average self-help book, it is a spiritual retreat, a pilgrimage if you will, into the who’s-who of you. With wisdom, humour, personal anecdotes and a no-nonsense approach, Lyn Thurman guides the reader to free your inner goddess and will literally revolutionize the way you think of yourself forever.”

~ Shannon McCann

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