Since I requested some help from Saint Expedite, I’ve been busy and as I was offered another editing project, I am now officially super-busy. Whoever thinks working from home is an easy option, think again. With the freelance projects, my witch shop, tarot readings, and client work mixed in with day-to-day stuff, it often means early starts and late endings. Tired? Me? Oh, yes.

Fairy Folklore Ebook

If you’ve got a Kindle and like fairies then you might want to pick up Anna Franklin’s Fairy Folklore book because, not only is it written by a very knowledgeable High Priestess, it’s also cheap. And the only thing better than a free book is a cheap one.

I admit, I haven’t looked all the way through it yet but I know I like Ms. Franklin’s work from the Sacred Circle tarot and the Fairy Ring. At the moment, you can get the Fairy Folklore ebook on your Kindle for 86p in the UK and $1.38 in the US.

The Other St. Expedite Update

I’ve been working with Saint Expedite on behalf of a client, with some very complex and challenging requirements. So far, so good – the results are beginning to roll in.

As I previously mentioned, St. Expedite likes to be paid in cake (but who doesn’t?) so Wednesday I took part-payment to the beach (that’s where these beach photos came from) and left a little cake. I have a sneaky suspicion the seagulls might have eaten it, but who knows what form spirits take to enjoy their offerings.

I do know that if I leave cake about at home I would convince myself that spirits enjoy their offerings vicariously through me. Going to the sea was a wise choice.

Off Your Broom Challenge Update

I thought this challenge would motivate me into being more active, eat more fruit yada, yada, yada. I can’t actually say, though, that it’s achieved that objective, and each week I seem to write a very similar update with how I fail on this and sometimes do OK on that. It even depresses me just writing about it.

This challenge has highlighted more of a need for a holistic balance rather than just fitness. Now, if I only I could find the time to do something about it.


Right, that’s it for updates at the minute. I’ve met my deadlines today and when the kids go to bed I’m going to watch Bridesmaids with Mr. T. and eat pizza.