I’m really excited about the Soul Path Journey programme that starts next month.  It’s a move away from the work I’ve been doing at the Inner Goddess Circle where it’s been focused on the divine feminine.  The Soul Path Journey brings in the divine masculine and a guide too.  More balance for next year!

It’s been a great experience for me spending the past six-years researching and writing about goddesses but it hasn’t given me a deep connection to any particular goddess (although there are a couple who make regular appearances in my life).  You meet a goddess through meditation in February (the god in March) and that’s the one who will be by your side for the journey.

The first part of the Soul Path Journey lays the foundation for the rest of the year (you have see the workbook here).  The theme is the ‘dare of dreaming’ and how we can use the month ahead to allow visions and insights to come to us so we can experience life more vividly, and follow where our soul wants us to go (rather than make panic-resolutions that last about five minutes).

We look at different maps to navigate the way but we will be focusing on the tarot Fool’s journey.  You’ll meet the Fool, be encouraged to dare to dream, create an altar, put together a self-care box, explore your soul with journal prompts and begin a quiet rebellion against the ordinary.

Soul Path Journey - Dare of DreamingThe guided visualisation takes you to your spirit house – your safe place in meditation or visualisation that you can return to time and again.  Once you’ve explored your spirit house, meet your guide for the Soul Path journey, receive wisdom and a gift for your journey.


The world needs us to step into our light and shine brightly so 2018 will all be about empowerment, light and shadow work, and deepening a spiritual connection to yourself, community and spirit for the Soul Path Journey programme.

Join me!

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