Dear Hypnos,

I hope I don’t sound needy but we need to get together more.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful you visit me each night but honestly, it’s just not long enough.

You lull me into your world and then you leave.  Abruptly.  I’m left alone in my bed, aching for more of you.

My mind is in a mess.  I’m not as patient as I could be.  I want to fuel up on coffee and cakes and comfort food when we’re not together.  My head aches. Missing you is bad for my health, Hypnos.

You’re all I can think about during the day.  I wonder when you’re going to visit me again and how long you’ll stay.  I think about the places you’ll take me and the adventures we will share in the darkness of night.

I miss you, Hypnos.  I want to wake up in the morning and feel invigorated, not hungover from your elusiveness.

Can we just hang out together for a few more hours each night?  I’m not looking for a 12-hour commitment but you know, 7 or 8 hours would be great.  I’d even settle for a straight six.

What do you say, Hypnos?  Be with me more.  I need you.

Love, Me x

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