Last Sunday morning, I launched my very first Kickstarter campaign to help fund a print run of The Wisdom of the Depths tarot deck.  It was fully funded in 48-hours – to be honest, I was (and still am) a bit shocked.  A week into the campaign and it’s over 185% funded.

It makes my heart sing to know that I can bring my little tarot project into the world through the kindness of my backers.

I launched the Kickstarter campaign with earlybird specials as a way to reward those people who jumped on the project without any idea if it would be fully funded or not.  The earlybird specials run until 30th September and then they’re gone for good.

If you’d like to become a backer for the Wisdom of the Depths tarot deck, you can find details on the Kickstarter website.  As mentioned, you can take advantage of the earlybird discount deals until the end of September.

It’s been a good learning process with Kickstarter.  And I’m sure the curve will only get steeper once the campaign ends in October, funds are released and fulfillment begins. Everything (apart from the printing) is done by myself or my team.  My team consists of my husband and daughter – it’s all in house!

While I’ve been learning what to do with Kickstarter and crowdfunding, my teenage daughter has been helping me and learning in the process too.  I love that home education can mean real life experiences.  She’s done basic photo editing, a bit of Word and is maintaining a spreadsheet for me with details of the rewards.  She’ll also help with packaging the decks up (with supervision) when it’s time.  She is as excited as I am too so thank you to everyone that’s making my deck a possibility because it’s also enriching my daughter’s life (plus I’m going to pay her for the work she is doing for me – it’s a win-win situation).

My husband Paul is writing a guidebook to accompany the deck.  He’s watched me create each card so he knows the deck almost as well as I do.  As we read tarot together and have been crazy tarot collectors for almost 2 decades, there’s no better person to write the little book.

The Kickstarter tarot deck comes with a little white book with basic information, a couple of tarot spreads and a ‘cheat sheet’ with tarot keywords.  Actually, the cheat sheet is super handy if you’re not familiar with tarot or a bit rusty. The guidebook, although I haven’t mentioned it on Kickstarter yet, will be given to all backers in digital form.

I’m creating a PDF tarot journal that backers can choose as an add on to their reward.  It’s in progress and currently stalled because my laptop has died and the replacement doesn’t arrived until next week (I’ve borrowed my husband’s laptop to write this post!).

As you can see, there’s still a lot going on behind the scenes with the Kickstarter campaign and it’s going to keep me busy until the end of the year.  But it’s a good busy and I’m very, very happy.

If you’d like to support the Wisdom of the Depths tarot, you can become a Kickstarter backer until 19th October 2021.

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