The Earth Child’s Handbook is a fabulous ebook from Pagan artist Brigid Ashwood. I was lucky enough to be given 2 volumes during the school holidays – ‘Me & My Family’ and ‘Mother Earth & The Elements‘.  I do enjoy getting lost in craft projects with the boys and it was a delight to have a book full of ‘crafts ideas and inspiration for the spiritual child’.

The first volume concentrates on family life and it has heaps of activities for kids to do like making a talking stick, a chakra shirt and bath salts (a recipe I’m going to use because it sounds fab).  There’s an easy meditation for the kids and everything is explained clearly.  I particularly liked the ‘Birthday King or Queen’ ideas and as I have birthday season beginning soon I’m going to incorporate some of those ideas into birthday rituals.

The second volume covers the elements and has great ideas on making  mobiles and boxes to keep all those element treasures safe and sound.  There are also word searches and dot to dots so perfect for rainy days to keep the kids occupied.

Although I enjoy crafts, the boys do have a time limit before they are itching to go to the park or play Lego.  So I picked a project from the second volume for them to do.  I printed out 2 images of the Earth Goddess and asked each one to colour it in.  Here’s the results:

Earth Goddess

That’s #1son’s masterpiece in pencil.

Earth Goddess

And that’s #2son’s water colour art work.

They did them for their sister.  I’m going to put them in Tabitha’s bedroom so she’s got the goddess looking over her when she sleeps.

You can download the Earth Child’s Handbook – each volume is very reasonably priced at $8.