Sunday was the feast day of Saint Mary Magdalene and it was also a day where I broke many vows I’d made to myself.

I hadn’t planned on feasting with Mary Magdalene.  When I woke up early on Sunday morning, she came to mind.  Not something that has ever happened before so I knew there was a meaning to be found.  I did some before breakfast research  and my spider-senses were tingling: could Mary Magdalene be Inanna in disguise?  I think so (and I’ll write on that another day).

Saint Mary Magdalene is the patroness of the contemplative life, converts, glove makers, hairstylists, penitent sinners, people ridiculed for their piety, perfumeries and perfumers, pharmacists, and women.  She’s also associated with rebirth and resurrection, and you’ll see her depicted with red eggs at Easter time.

I wanted to honour Magdalene.

Usually any mention of a feast (or food in general) and I’m excitedly getting the plates out but Sunday’s food was already prepared.  Although, I did manage to sneak in a raspberry jam doughnut in her honour.  Next year, I’ll make vegan orange zest Madeleines.

I decided to feast with her by crafting prayer beads.  I bought all the ‘ingredients’ to make the prayer beads then spent a couple of hours creating them.  I also made an anointing oil with olive oil, cinnamon and myrrh (which smells amazing).

Mary Magdalene with her theme of rebirth made her presence known to me on the day of my initiation into a coven.

Vows I’d made to myself over the years died on Mary Magdalene’s feast day.

I would not join a coven.

I would never be skyclad in ritual.

I would not be initiated into a tradition.

So many things I wouldn’t do and then I did them.