Even when I’m on hiatus from blogging, the internet and writing (my writing mojo has been MIA), there are some constants in my life.  There are books, tarot, pondering the mysteries of the Universe and food (always food).. oh, and there’s witchcraft.

I’ve identified with being a witch for a third of my life (it would have been all of my life if I had known about it – before then I was just ‘weird’)  and I’ve never really wanted to stray far from being solitary.  This was because I didn’t know any local witches until recent years and in part, because my introvert-self can find it quite draining being in a crowd (and by introvert standards, a crowd is more than two).

In the strange way of the Universe, I now find myself falling in love with a wonderful group of people as we begin our first steps towards becoming a coven.  Even with all these years of being on my spiritual path, I feel like the Fool from tarot.  I’m on the cliff, ready to step into the unknown, with no idea of what lies ahead.

It’s interesting to feel like a newbie in an area that has called me for a long time.  I’m enjoying seeing different perspectives on old ideas and there is beauty in  learning with others.  We’re all beginning this adventure together, like Fools, with each of us bringing different experience and knowledge.

If you walk the path of a witch, you’ll understand that it isn’t an easy path to follow.  It drives you soul-deep to bring shadows into the light.  You question your beliefs, your faith, and yourself.  And this new twist on the path, which I love, is not without its challenges.

It grows me to be comfortable talking in a group.  It’s helped that I’ve run workshops over the past couple of years but my natural tendency is to be the silent one, hiding somewhere at the back.  I was the kid at school who knew the answers but never raised her hand.

Then there is the issue of working skyclad.  Again, not something I had wanted to do but I’ve had to ask myself why I’m fearful of stripping off.  What am I so afraid to show?  (the answer, of course, is wobbly bits, saggy bits and stretch marks). Why am I so critical of my body but can see the beauty in everyone else’s?

So many questions.  Ultimately though, I’ve reached a point where I want to be initiated into the coven more than I want to cover up.

I’m embracing the Fool and am excited to see where this twist on the path will lead.